Coming thanks to overseas retailer we’re getting extra information on some previously reported leaks , mostly to complete the waves, but with some cool surprises along the way. For the sake of clarity, I’ll mention both the old and new releases together, giving some insights into the ones I haven’t talked about previously.

McFarlane Toys – Mortal Kombat 11 7in (Wave 10)

It’s been a while since we’ve got any news from this line, but they are always a welcome sight!

  • Noob Saibot “Darkest Knight” Skin/The Batman Who Laughs: Part of their collaborative efforts, this was not a new playable character but a skin over for Noob Saibot; it will be interesting to see how they depict him in figure form to differentiate it from the DC Multiverse ones, given that the game’s take was an almost exact replica from the comics with the exception of a bulkier body, given Noob’s hitbox.
  • Kabal “Rapid Red” Skin: Not much to say here, just another repaint in, you guessed it, red. One could only hope to see cooler variants in the future, like the Buzzing About skin.
  • Spawn “Shadow of Spawn” Skin: Now this is going to be a very sought-after one, since it’s basically the classic Spawn suit from the 90s. Although it will probably be just a repaint, it would be great if they could bring something extra, perhaps taking some partial molds from the Kickstarter release.

McFarlane Toys – DC Multiverse 7in

  • “Build A” Speed Metal Wave: As we reported previously it was pretty obvious we were going to get the main 4 speedsters from that storyline: Wally West, Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, and Wallace West.
  • Wallace West Kid Flash (DC Rebirth) – Gold Label Collection
  • Frankenstein Megafig
  • Deadman – Gold Label Collection
  • Mongul Megafig


  • DC Gaming: “Build A” Arkham City Wave – Gold Label Collection – Batman/Catwoman/Ra’s al Ghul/The Penguin Black & White variants: I was a bit puzzled for a second with these, but then I remembered the marketing campaign from the game, with pictures and cover arts in monochromatic styles with a small highlight of color. I realize how McFarlane can see these as a great replacement for the Artist Proofs, having tested the waters with the “Line Art” variants from the Page Punchers line, but I hope we get some better results than those. Also, having them as Gold Labels rather than Platinum Editions, makes me think about retailer exclusivity, maybe GameStop? given the Gaming origins of these. Time will tell.


McFarlane Toys – DC Retro 6in

  • The Riddler Black & White TV Variant: It’s an easy retool like we saw with the recent Batman and Joker releases, we’ll probably get the same treatment for most of the main figures.
  • Robin Black & White TV Variant: Same as above!
  • Alfred as Batman NYCC Exclusive: Now this goes to show how goofy this line can get, in a good way for the lovers of the classic show.
  • King Tut: I won’t deny that this is one of the silliest Batman enemies, and yet I love it. Can’t wait to see the sculpt in this one.

DC Direct – Page Punchers 7in

  • Barry Allen The Flash with The Flash Comic: So many places to take inspiration from, maybe it’s the turn for Flash Rebirth? (not to be confused with DC Rebirth). But it looks like this will be the next complete line, with Heatwave and Captain Cold as previously reported.
  • Captain Cold with The Flash Comic – Gold Label Variant: I’m guessing here that it’s going to be a variant with something like the “Line Art” figures from the Black Adam Wave, not a Gold Label per se, but an exclusive.
  • Ryan Choi The Atom with The Flash Comic: Maybe with this, the Flash Rebirth goes out of the window, and the Flash experts would have to intervene and tell us in which iconic story The Atom teams up with Flash.
  • Gorilla Grodd Megafig with The Flash Comic: Double lost me by now.
  • Captain Cold with The Flash Comic
  • Heatwave with The Flash Comic

  • Dr Fate with Injustice 2 Comic: Things get even stranger here. We’ve already gotten a release (and a variant) from this game. Are they going to recycle, just slapping the DC Multiverse figure with a comic? Unlikely. Like the MK Batman Who Laughs we’re probably going to get a bulkier figure, can’t wait to see the outcome.
  • Green Arrow with Injustice 2 Comic: Same situation here! It’s kind of a mess, right?
  • Supergirl with Injustice 2 Comic: previously leaked!
  • Batman with Injustice 2 Comic: Same, already leaked.

DC Direct – Page Punchers 3in

  • Green Lantern Hal Jordan with Comic: I hope that people eventually see the worth of reprinted comic hits with a little plastic souvenir on the side, I wouldn’t mind a new Green Lantern Rebirth #1!
  • Nightwing with DC Rebirth Comic: Classic looking Dick is always great, even if he’s super small.
  • Batman with Flashpoint Comic: I’m guessing we’re talking about Thomas Wayne Batman here, but it would be cool to get Bruce’s version too.
  • Joker with DC Rebirth Comic: as previously reported.


DC Direct – Super Powers 5in

And even though we’re just getting the first wave of this new line, we already have our first look at some figures from the next wave, with these leaked pics of in-hand figures, thanks to jijunetoc! It’s Flashpoint Reverse Flash and a somewhat classic Wonder Woman!