Leaked: Deluxe Vehicles coming soon from McFarlane Toys

August 8, 2022 , ,

Times are dire at Warnes Bros Discovery, as we have seen this past week with all the news, cancelations, and restructures. Still, it seems that the plastic world of licenses hasn’t got the memo, and everything is on track to keep up with the release schedule, even if the movies may suffer a delay.

That seems especially true with this past weekend’s leaks over the DC McFarlane Multiverse group at FB, where a couple of images straight from the Target system have confirmed some very juicy previous listings, from the upcoming The Flash and Aquaman 2 movies.

It seems we have to clear some space on our shelves and prepare our wallets, because some big things are coming:

  • The Batmobile (Michael Keaton) – The Flash Movie: Keaton’s Batman presence in the DCEU may have been drastically reduced from what we were supposed to get, but he’s still posed to appear in the movie, and so is his iconic take on the Batmobile. Considering that this is part of the DC Multiverse line, and the car has to fit a 7in figure, just imagine the size of the final product! With that in mind the $79,99 bucks price tag doesn’t seem so steep, the same one we got with the only other vehicle this size the line has gotten, the Batmobeast.
  • Batcycle (Ben Affleck) – The Flash Movie: There is no shortage of love for the Batman 2-wheeled vehicles, as this would be the 5th motorcycle we’ll be getting for the character, and seeing again the leaked pictures from the movie set, we know exactly how good it is going to be. Luckily, this one will come at a similar price as the previous ones, with a $29,99 tag.

  • Deluxe vehicle – Aquaman The Lost Kingdom Movie: This is the wild card because we still know so little about the movie that it could be anything, but with the $79,99 price tag we know it has to be big or at least filled with details; so going back to the few materials we got so far, my guess is that it could be the bubble submarine or the larger one… but I’m going to be honest, I’d love to see that badass sea horse turned into a figure much better!

Are you going to get these new vehicles? Do you love sea horses too? Let us know in the comments below!