Closer Look: Jazwares: Halo: The Spartan Collection: Wave 6 (Halo 4) Master Chief


August 10, 2022

Reviewed by:Atsuma

Master Chief, or John 117, has been Halo’s main playable character for over 20 years. It is only common that so many figures of Master Chief are made, and the different variants that come along with it. This variant of Master Chief is different, and this is because this is right when 343 Industries made their first actual Halo game, and not a remaster. Since after Halo:REACH, Bungie did not want to continue the Halo series, instead Microsoft bought the rights and formed 343 Industries. They had the reigns for Halo, and they made a new game.

In Halo 4, Master Chief awakes from Cryo-Statis once again with Cortana. They are upon the ship called “Forward Unto Dawn”, and what is left of it as they are under attack by the Covenant. After this, these two would begin their journey to this Mysterious planet of Requiem, where they would encounter a new type of enemy called the Prometheans. During their journey, Cortana’s rampancy starts to corrupt her more and more. I am not sure what even happens at the end, besides the fact that Cortana becomes her own entity and goes off on her own. Then Master Chief gains his new goal, Find Cortana and bring her home.

This is a bit of backstory for Halo 4, but shall we get into the review?

Sculpt, Articulation, and Paint Application

This Master Chief sculpt is complete fresh and new, and I am surprised that Linda and Kelly did not gain the same molds. This is because Halo 4 and 5 had very similar models of characters, and it would have been amazing to see on those two as well, but back to Master Chief. It is beyond an amazing sculpt to the point they even got the Mesh like innings, the black regions of the armor, with full on texture. The Torso got a brand new look, along with the structure of the figure. Just overall, I am at a loss for words since this sculpt is amazing.

There is no new articulation upon said figure, as it follows the same as every other Spartan Figure. It has the Arms, legs, knees, elbows, ankles, wrists, torso, head and etc. joints and articulation. I must note, that it does seem that the articulation is a bit more better than the other Spartans. This is probably due to the new mold overall for the figure.

Paint Application
There is not much paint that was applied to the figure. The only real paint application of the figure are the slight sliver scuff marks over the figure, to show the wear and tear of the Spartan after battle. However, the overall color of the Plastic is definitely the right color for Master Chief. This being the Forest Navy Green color used throughout the armor. Another thing that is a great point out, if the paint upon the two weapons; The Rail Gun and the Sticky Detonator. This makes it that both weapons look almost identical to the ones used in the game.

Features and Accessories


  • Arm and Leg articulations
  • Elbow and Knee articulation
  • Wrist and Ankle Articulation
  • Head joint
  • Torso joint
  • Interchangeable hands


  • x1 Halo 4 Master Chief
  • x1 Rail Gun
  • x1 Sticky Detonator
  • x5 Interchangeable hands

Overall quality is a 10. This is because it is awesome to see a new, fresh and different Spartan Mold. One that has not repeated itself over and over. The Paint, sculpt and everything just makes this figure different, and that’s a good type of Different.

Overall: 10


The value of the figure is about 22.99, but it would be a good price if this figure was priced at 25.99


Overall: 23.99

Overall Score



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