First Look: McFarlane Toys New Batman: Arkham City Build-A-Wave is COMING SOON! ⁠

Today we got confirmation on the next Build-A wave we’ve been hearing about for the past weeks; with the star of the game himself, McFarlane Toys promises to reveal the rest of the line very soon, and we’ll be here to dissect every bit of it as always.

Although it may look like a simple repeat (after all, the character design was nearly identical between the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games), this figure does have some differences, that we can spot with this only pic, and we dissect right now:

  • First of all, the ears are finally thinner and better molded. This was something of a gripe both in the McFarlane and original DC Direct releases (even though they were kind of accurate, game-wise),
  • The cowl itself seems like a new mold too, with sharper details and less awkward proportions.
  • This time we get white eyes… sure, not game accurate, but we can all admit how much cooler they look here! I think we are going to see a lot of customizers using this as their main Batman head overall.
  • The emblem is different as well, just like we saw in the game. A very subtle change, but summing it up with the rest, it gives us enough excuses to get this figure along the old one.
  • Sadly there seems to be a downside as well, regarding the paint application. While the Arkham Asylum figure had some metallic finish in the vambraces, boots, and belt… this one seems to sport the basic paint job we’ve seen in the latest waves.

It’s important to remind our readers that according to the leaks, this will be the complete list of characters for the wave:

  • Dc Gaming Build-A 7 in Figures Wv1 – Arkham City – Batman
  • Dc Gaming Build-A 7 in Figures Wv1 – Arkham City – The Penguin
  • Dc Gaming Build-A 7 in Figures Wv1 – Arkham City – Catwoman
  • Dc Gaming Build-A 7 in Figures Wv1 – Arkham City – Ra’S Al Ghul
  • And Solomon Grundy as the big figure to be assembled!

We’ve already seen how The Penguin figure is going to look like, and you can check that out here; even more, there seems to be a black and white variant for each figure, released this time as a Gold Label exclusive, all of which you can read in our previous article, too!