First Look: The Penguin from Batman: Arkham City Build-A-Wave by McFarlane Toys

After yesterday’s official reveal, today’s the time for Mr. Oswald Cobblepot himself: The Penguin!

Even though we already knew what he was going to look like, this promo picture raises our hopes to get a very important accessory with the figure… his umbrella!

One extra detail we’re left in the dark though is if we’re going to be able to remove the hat, but it’s most likely that this is fixated to the sculpt in a way that it won’t be viable to display it without it (we’re looking at you, hooded Black Adam).

Let’s remember that we should be getting a black and white, Gold Label version as well, down the line; and considering the pace of these reveals, we could be going live with the pre-orders by this weekend!