Closer Look: Jazwares Halo: The Spartan Collection: SDCC Master Chief vs. Deluxe Wave Master Chief


August 17, 2022

Reviewed by:Atsuma

This is not going to be your regular review, as this figure has already been done before and posted on the website. If you are wanting to see the regular review just click the link: .

With that out of the way, allow me to explain what this review is going to be about. This is a comparison review, this is where I will be discussing the two figures sculpts, Articulation, paint applications, features, accessories, and etc. this is because both of these figures are the same; however, they come with different things and with two variant color schemes.

Let us find out what makes the SDCC Master Chief and Deluxe Wave Master Chief different!

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Sculpt, Articulation, and Paint Application


The overall sculpt is based on the Halo Infinite Master Chief, where his armor looks more like the old armor from the older Halo games if it was more modern, advanced, and upgraded. They have reused this sculpt in about 3 other figures in the previous waves, including an exclusive two pack set and a Walgreens exclusive set. This figure also comes with a bonus sculpt with “The Weapon” standing within his hand as she is sitting on his Holographic Chip thing. Lastly, it comes with a plastic molded Assault Rifle.

Deluxe Wave:
Everything listed above is also within this figure, but this figure has more to it. The Deluxe Wave Master Chief figure also comes with 5 other extra sculpted hands, that can be interchanged. This figure also comes with a sculpted sidekick pistol, plasma pistol, and energy sword. An extra bonus that makes this figure separated from the SDCC counterpart, is it comes with a custom “The Weapon” figure and a light up Plinth Stand.


SDCC and Deluxe Wave:
The articulation is the same on both figures, and there is nothing different. They both have: Torso, head, Ankles, Knees, elbows, arms, legs, wrist, and etc. articulation.

Paint Application

The paint application is beyond wild on the figure. Since the plastics used are obviously the green, we have to look at the scuff and damage marks upon the figure; however, I must say they perfected the Forest Green shade within the plastic to get the perfect In-Game appearance. Then when looking at the scuff and damage markings, it liters the entire figure with its silvers and blacks to make the figure look nicely battle worn. Another thing is “The Weapon’s” color scheme. Where on this figure, it looks more like “The Weapon”‘s light bluish tint holographic appearance.

Deluxe Wave:
The paint application is decent on this figure as well, but its a lighter greenish tint. The sliver scuffs and black damaged regions are not as littered upon the figure, but even with the little bits it adds onto the figure. For “The Weapon” with the figure. It is a darker tinted blue, and to me it makes it seem more like Cortana is standing there and not “The Weapon”. Since Cortana is usually either a purple or dark blue.

Features and Accessories


SDCC and Deluxe Wave:

  • Torso Articulation
  • Head Joint
  • Wrist and Ankle joints
  • Legs and Arms joints
  • Elbow and Knee Joints
  • Toe Joint
  • Back Peg
  • Leg pegs


  • x1 Master Chief Figure
  • x1 MA40 Assault Rifle
  • x1 “The Weapon” on Hand

Deluxe Wave:

  • x1 Master Chief Figure
  • x1 MA40 Assault Rifle
  • x1 “The Weapon” on Hand
  • x5 Interchangeable Hands
  • x1 Energy Sword
  • x1 Plasma Sword
  • x1 “The Weapon” Figure
  • x1 Plynth Stand (Lights Up)

Overall, the figure’s quality is up there. It is merely a more detailed figure with fewer accessories.

Deluxe Wave:
Overall the figure’s quality is up there. It is merely a less detailed figure with more accessories.


It was $40 at San Diego Comic Con. Personally, that is too much for this figure. Yes, it comes with a cool looking box, and it was limited to 1000. In hindsight, it is merely a figure with hardly any accessories, more details, and cannot even hold a weapon within his other hand.
Overall: This figure is surely worth around 24-25.

Deluxe Wave
It is 39.99 on GameStop’s website. This is a pretty good price for the figure as it comes with a lot of accessories including another figure with a light up stand.
Overall: This figure is worth around 35-45

Overall Score



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