Closer Look: Jazwares: Halo: The Spartan Collection: Spartan Carter- A259


August 17, 2022

Reviewed by:Atsuma

Halo: REACH is an Xbox 360 game that is a Prequel to the Halo Franchise. This game takes place right before Halo: COMBAT EVOLVED. As you, the Player, are Noble 6. After being dispatched to the Planet, you meet up with your team, The Noble Team. This team consists of the following; Carter (The Leader), Kat (The Techy), Jun (The Marksmen), Emile (The Executioner), and Jorge (The HeavyGunner). Your goal throughout REACH is to perish the Covenant, and stop the Invasion; however, this review will be mainly focused on Carter.

The Leader of the Noble Team, Carter, lead his team throughout Planet: Reach as the Covenant began to invade the region. As him and his team’s role on Reach was to kill off any Covenant, try Preventing the invasion, Get Dr. Halsey and Cortana off Planet Reach, and get the Pillar of Autumn off Reach. His main weapon is the DMR, a powerful rifle that was mainly used during this period of the UNSC as a common weapon that Marines, Spartans, and Officers would use.

Carter would soon succumb to his injuries in the last following missions, as he gets shot in the chest, and sacrifices himself by flying a Pelican into a Scarab. A Pelican is a large carrier aircraft that was good for transporting large amounts of people on Planets, and the Scarab was a large four legged machine that the Covenant used to conquerer and destroy civilizations.

With a bit of History on Carter, let us get to the review.

Sculpt, Articulation, and Paint Application

The sculpt of this figure is amazing. This is because it has its own Halo: REACH Spartan sculpt, and what I mean is that each game has a different model of Spartan, and Halo:REACH has a specific design. This model is a bit more bulky, and personally looks more like a Spartan than any other model. It looks 100% like Spartan Carter, and they even went all the way to make his shoulder pads, backpack, and a special helmet with the accessories on it.

There are no changes in the articulation, it is the same as the other Spartan Themed Figures that Jazwares made. The articulation upon this figure are the follow; Ankle, Wrist, Head, Knees, Elbows, Torso, Legs and Arms joints.

Paint Application
The paint application on this figure is something else. Although there are hardly any scuff and damage marks, it makes up for it with the cool and accurate looking character. With the painted on Blues, White stripes, and Details upon the armor accessories. This figure’s paint is just clean, and looks really nice.

Features and Accessories


  • Ankle and Wrist Joints
  • Knees and Elbows joints
  • Head/Helmet Joint
  • Torso Joint
  • Arms and Legs joints
  • Interchangeable Hands


  • x1 Carter-A-259 Figure
  • x1 DMR
  • x1 Pistol
  • x5 Interchangeable hands

Overall quality is a 10. This is due to the amazing new sculpt, excellent paint application, and the new weapon sculpt. This figure is just amazing.


The overall value of the figure is 21.99, but in reality it is worth 25-29.

Overall: 23.99

Overall Score



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