First Look: More Page Punchers coming soon from DC Direct

MORE Page Punchers! This wave of 7″ Page Punchers will be based on a brand new exclusive THE FLASH comic!
Stay tuned for The Flash AND Injustice 2 Page Punchers pre-orders coming in the next few weeks…
With this new reveal by McFarlane Toys, we’re finally getting some clarity on some of the previous leaks; The Flash figures are going to be a part of a complete wave that, just like the Black Adam one, will include an exclusive comic. This means that the designs are going to be new and original ones, and not taken from a specific storyline, as we can see from this first look at both characters.
As for the Injustice 2 Page Punchers wave, of which we’ve seen a dark glimpse this past Saturday, it appears we’ll also get the “exclusive” treatment for the comic and perhaps the designs as well: making much more sense, given that Dr. Fate and Green Arrow listing were leaked, and those two already have regular Injustice figures with the DC Multiverse line.
With the promise of pre-orders in the next weeks, there’s a slight chance that we will be seeing something as soon as August 26, once the Fall Geek-Out begins at Target’s own The Collector’s Spot.
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