Masters of the Universe Origins Grizzlor Mattel Creations Preorder Information

August 23, 2022

Mattel released more information today that will put Origins collectors at ease, at least a little.  Past preorders have sold out almost instantly leaving many, many collectors empty handed time after time.  With Grizzlor they are changing things up and doing two rounds of orders for this Mattel Creations exclusive release.  The first will be on September 9 at 12 PM EST (9/9 at 9am PST).  

These are already somewhere in the production process, possibly even in stock to ship immediately.  The people who get in this one will get theirs first (if that matters to you).  The second preorder is a 48 hour window where you can order as many as you like.  This made-to-order preorder begins on September 10 at noon PST and ends September 11 at midnight PST.  

Links to come as the date gets closer, stay tuned for more Origins information as provided!  And well done Mattel.