In what seems like a tradition by now, Todd McFarlane has started Target’s Geek Out with a new set of exclusives… using the term “new” in the loses sense of the word, given that these are all previously seen figures with some new bling and repackage, and are being labeled as New York Comic Con exclusives, like previous years as well. Let’s take a look at them and pre-order what you love!

DC Direct Designer  Edition 7in – Batman The Animated Series 30th Anniversary NYCC Exclusive with Rooftop Diorama (Unsigned)

Target Exclusive – TBD 2022 – $49,99.-

DC Direct Designer  Edition 7in – Batman The Animated Series 30th Anniversary NYCC Exclusive with Rooftop Diorama (Signed by Bruce Timm)

Target Exclusive – TBD 2022 – $79,99.- (Sold Out)

The most baffling choice here is moving the label from McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse to a DC Direct release; it could be licensing, or a business decision… but it seems rather unnecessary without a proper reason.

Other than the clear addition of the special base and the chance to get a signed card by the BTAS mastermind, Bruce Timm, this figure’s main distinction is the cape, which is a new mold with this floating in the air version; then, of course, the paint application mimicking the cell shading from the show (which was tried and done in the last days of DCC/DCD before McFarlane took over). Although the lighting of these pictures is different, we could argue that the grey part of the suit is a lighter tone as well in this “re-release”.

DC Retro 6in – Alfred as Batman NYCC Exclusive

Target Exclusive – TBD 2022 – $17,99.-

This one leaked a few days ago, and it’s one of those fun silly things that can only come from the Retro side of Batman’s lore. We’ve seen Alfred having to don the cowl numerous times, in order to keep Bruce’s identity safe when somebody put two plus two together and asked why they were never seen at the same time.

Other than the slightly darker colors (again, this could all be different lighting with all the pictures to come), the only change from the original release is the head sculpt, using the likeness of the iconic Alan Napier.

DC Retro 6in – Batman Retro with Lunchbox NYCC Exclusive (Action Figure 4pk: Batman, Robin, Joker, Penguin)

Target Exclusive – TBD 2022 – $59,99.-

The icing on the cake here is definitely that cool metallic lunchbox used as packaging, but this is probably the release that had more work to justify buying the same stuff twice.

Besides the box, the four accompanying collectible cards are “new”, or more precisely, replicas of Topps collectible cards from 1966 -Todd definitely loves his retro-.

Onto the figures themselves (left for the new ones, right for the originals): Batman is sporting a darker paint app (no doubt here), especially the blue parts replaced by a navy blue that goes much better with the white eye slits.

Robin comes with toned-down colors too, and his own set of white eyes. Definitely less goofy, more swaggy.

Joker has a complete new coat of paint here, going for the more classic, darker purple and green, with even some extra work done on the hair.

Finally, Penguin is the one that has less work, with a change of color on his bowtie and hat, and nothing else.


So, with all this in mind, tell us which figures you’re going to pick this time, in the comments down below.

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