First Look: Cosmic Legions: Hvalkatar, Book One figure – Kraggnar!

September 9, 2022 ,

Yesterday, Four Horsemen released a look at their painted protoytpe of Slogg. Because the response from fans was so overwhelming, the company decided to release a look at another figure in their Cosmic Legions line – Kraggnar. Take a look at the three images the company revealed below and keep it here for the latest information about the Cosmic Legions line!

We got such a great reaction to the photos of Slogg we shared yesterday, we figured we had to follow up with something equally as awesome! Here is a look at another Cosmic Legions factory paint sample – this time for the “Tettroderm Terror of Quarvum”, Kraggnar!

The first few images here show Kraggnar alongside a packaging test. The second photo shows him from the back. Those extra arms are removable, and he comes with “plugs” to pop into the gaps that removing the arms will create.

Remember, this is a factory paint sample, NOT a final production piece! It is one of the steps in the approval process between getting these figures from concept to release! As such, some items on this will change, like the color of the discs on his arms’ articulation points. Here they are black, but the final version will colors and paints that make for a more seamless look.

We cannot wait to get these Cosmic Legions figures into fans’ hands so they can begin playing with them, shooting them for figure photography, creating new characters and customs with them and more! The process continues and the arrival of Cosmic Legions gets closer and closer. We will share lots more images as that process progresses.