Did you miss out on the new NECA TMNT X Universal Monsters releases during their short appearance at Target’s Fall Geek Out?  No worries, Leonardo as the Hunchback and Michelangelo as the Mummy are both in stock and ready to ship from Costumes.com (NECA).  It is worth noting neither of these are exclusive releases or limited in any form, they just debuted during the first two weeks of Target’s Fall Geek Out.  Both of these highly anticipated releases were quickly snatched up by collectors (and resellers) so here’s another opportunity for you to add these to your collection.

Also worth noting, at the time of this article, Michelangelo as the Mummy was showing in stock again at Target.  And, for those interested in going with Costumes.com, there is a promo code for 10% off (costume10).  We cannot verify it will work with any of these but if you are ordering it is worth a shot.  If you are able to use the promo code, be sure to let us know!

Costumes.com Michelangelo as the Mummy – 36.99

Target.com Michelangelo as the Mummy – 36.99

Costumes.com Leonardo as the Hunchback – 36.99

By Travis