Leaked: New Gold Label McFarlane Wonder Woman, Kyle Rayner, Black Adam and Deathstroke Figures


September 22, 2022

@inpursuitoftoys posted pictures of 4 new McFarlane Figures (3 Gold Label) were found at Target in Kailua, Hawaii as part of a new McFarlane Toys display.

New Endless Winter Wonder Woman
She features a sheild, axe, new head sculpt, and a more detailed paint application.

Rebirth Deathstroke
Featuring his Deathstroke Defiance look, with his white and black outfit, and cape. He also comes with a bo staff.

Black Adam
New version from the movie with his throne.

Kyle Rayner
Changing The Guard Kyle Rayner Green Lantern, showing off his current look, with new armor, new construct sword, and greaves and vambrances.

Leave us a comment if you find any of these figures in your area.