HasLab: Marvel Legends HasLab Engine of Vengence Fails to Reach Early Bird Goal


September 24, 2022

One of the first extras offered with the HasLab Engine of Vengence failed to get unlocked. Of the 9000 Backers needed to unlock this, the Haslab project currently sits at 6,041 Backers.

There is still 37 days left for the project to reach it’s full funding goal.

Early Bird Special: Double the Display Capability

Two modes of the Engine of Vengeance car call for two drivers. If the campaign reaches its minimum goal of 9,000 backers before 11:59 PM ET September 23, 2022 all backers will receive an additional Marvel Legends 6-inch scale figure: Robbie Reyes in his human form. The exclusive version of Robbie Reyes will feature changes to his outfit and his human head with a comics-inspired look. This means backers will have two distinct figures for each display mode of the car. If the project is not backed by 11:59 PM ET on September 23, 2022, the Robbie Reyes Human-Form figure will not go into production, and only the Ghost Rider figure of Robbie Reyes will be included with the offering.