First Look: ToyConNJ Exclusive Plunderling Drench Abyss Available Oct 15th to Oct 16th.


September 29, 2022

Deep in the ocean the only refuge from the biting cold currents is within the coral caverns. There in the darkness Plunderling Drench Abyss was forged. To defend itself from the benthic monstrosities, Abyss fashioned a polearm out of a glacier. Now having fought its way to the surface, Abyss finds the Plunderfolk sailors to be easy pickings. Don’t bother begging because few Drench have a heart as black as the icy Abyss!

This figure is limited to 1000 total pieces, and they will be limited to 3-per person at the event!

Every figure includes:

  • – Abyss Figure
  • – Two Alternate Heads
  • – Alternate Pair of Hands
  • – Horned Helmet
  • – Turtle Shell Backpack
  • – Permafrost Anchor Spear

If you can’t make it to ToyConNJ, a limited number of these for sale at legionscon in November, as well as a limited number online down the road on

In addition to the figure, they will also have some of the Hatchling sets in the same translucent purple color to go with Abyss and allow you to use one of those alternate heads and hands!

Abyss with be $40 at the show, and hatchlings are $20.