Four Horsemen Tease New Addition To Figura Obscura Series


September 30, 2022

The Four Horsemen are feeling the Halloween spirit with the announcement of an all-new addition to the Figura Obscura line.  For those unfamiliar, Figura Obscura is a newer line that focuses on characters that are known by myths, legends, etc.  Here’s a good description from Source Horsemen:

Across the sprawling kingdoms that make up the Realm of Mythoss, to the expanse of universe known as Cosmerrium, there are countless tales to be told and characters to be introduced – and yet, despite the vastness of these two worlds, there are stories that stretch beyond even their borders. Legends, myths, and tales spun across various worlds, including our own, these characters are beginning to emerge from the shadows.

The first (and only release so far!) in this series is Krampus.  He was announced last Winter shortly before Christmas and arrived in time for the holiday.  Krampus was released in a black paint scheme, came in a really cool collectible box, and even included a Christmas card.  Afterwards, Krampus was made available for preorder through official Four Horsemen retailers in a red paint scheme (and is due out this Fall).

Now we have Figura Obscura number 2, which appears to be the Headless Horseman.  With all the awesome horses in the Four Horsemen’s toolbox, I would not be surprised if this release came with a figure and steed.  Here is the teaser for this release:

Much time has passed since the mysteries known as the Figura Obscura were seen, but the shadows have begun to stir once again. A chill fills the air as October rolls in, and with it comes new surprises.

Are they tricks…or are they treats? The key is to be ever vigilant, loyal Legionnaires, for Figura Obscura rides tomorrow morning (10/1/22) at 9am EST, only at

We’ll find out tomorrow, as this new reveal goes live October 1st at 9 AM EST on Store Horsemen.