PulseCon 2022 Day One Exclusives Preorders Are Live


September 30, 2022

As day one of PulseCon comes to a close, it is time for everyone to get their preorders in at Hasbro Pulse.  Here’s what exclusives they have available today:

Daredevil, Elektra, and Marvel’s Bullseye

Preorder Link – 74.99

Includes: 3 Figures and 17 accessories

  • MAN WITHOUT FEAR The accident that robbed young Matt Murdock of his sight also left his remaining senses superhumanly sharp. Now Murdock defends Hell’s Kitchen as Daredevil, the Man Without Fear!
  • ELEKTRA LIVES AGAIN: Elektra learns that Matt Murdock is Daredevil, and allies with her former flame to confront Bullseye and her current employer, Wilson Fisk.
  • TARGET FOR MARVEL’S BULLSEYE: Bullseye was born with perfect aim. In his hands, any object can be a weapon, and the assassin has his sights set on Daredevil and Elektra!
  • CLASSIC CONFRONTATION: These Daredevil, Elektra, and Marvel’s Bullseye Marvel Legends action figures are inspired by the iconic Marvel Daredevil comics and make a great addition to any collection
  • COMIC-INSPIRED ACCESSORIES: This collectible Marvel action figure set comes with 17 comic-inspired accessories including Daredevil’s billy club, Elektra’s sai, and alternate heads for Elektra and Marvel’s Bullseye
  • PREMIUM DESIGN IN 6-INCH SCALE: Marvel fans and collectors can display these fully-articulated 6-inch action figures featuring poseable head, arms, and legs, as well as comic-authentic deco, in their Marvel superhero toy collection

Retro Iron Man

Preorder Link – 44.99

Includes: Figure, cannon, and 10 accessories

  • 6-INCH-SCALE COLLECTIBLE MARVEL FIGURE: Iron Man blasts into Marvel Legends donning his Model 13 armor with this premium 6-inch-scale action figure!
  • MARVEL COMICS-INSPIRED DESIGN: This Marvel Legends Iron Man figure features deco inspired by the legendary Modular Iron Man Armor as seen in Marvel Comics!
  • PREMIUM ARTICULATION AND ACCESORIES: The Marvel Legends Series Iron Man figure is highly posable for display and play and comes with alternate hands, alternate head accessories, a plasma cannon accessory, and 2 blue blast FX!
  • RETRO CARD PACKAGING: Includes retro-style cardback inspired by the classic Marvel Toy Biz designs

X-Men 90’s Animated VHS Series Cyclops

Preorder Link – 27.99

Includes: figure and 3 accessories

  • MARVEL’S CYCLOPS: Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, is one of Xavier’s very first students and fights tirelessly for Xavier’s dream as the X-men field leader
  • CLASSIC ANIMATED MARVEL’S CYCLOPS: The optic-blasting leader of the X-Men: The Animated Series steps out of the cartoon and into Marvel Legends
  • INSPIRED BY THE X-MEN ANIMATED SERIES: This 6-inch-scale Marvel’s Cyclops figure features unique sculpting and cel-shaded deco to recreate the character’s heroic animated appearance
  • VIDEO CASSETTE-INSPIRED PACKAGING: This Marvel Legends Marvel’s Cyclops figure comes in premium collectible packaging inspired by the classic 90s X-Men: The Animated Series video cassette box covers

Transformers Generations Legacy A Hero is Born 2-Pack

Preorder Link – 66.99

Includes: 2 figures, 5 accessories, and instructions.

  • A HERO IS BORN: A near-deadly blast from Megatron leaves Orion Pax in desperate need of repairs. Alpha Trion senses a strong spirit in Orion Pax and rebuilds him into one of the greatest heroes in Cybertronian history: Optimus Prime
  • INSPIRED BY G1: This pack is inspired by the scene from the animated series, The Transformers, where Orion Pax is brought to Alpha Trion and is reborn as Optimus Prime
  • RE-MAKE THE SCENE: Includes 7-inch Alpha Trion and 5.5-inch Orion Pax figures. Also comes with Vector Sigma, Sigma key, 2 blasters, and Energon canteen accessories. Sigma Key can be inserted into the top of Vector Sigma
  • AWESOME CONVERSION: Convert Alpha Trion figure from robot to Cybertronian hovercraft mode in 21 steps. Convert Orion Pax figure from robot to Cybertronian truck mode in 22 steps
  • EPIC PACKAGE ART: Package art is inspired by the repair center that Alpha Trion works in to rebuild Autobots in the scene from The Transformers

Shattered Glass Collection Soundwave

Preorder Link – 62.99

Includes: Soundwave figure, Laserbeak and Ravage Micromaster figures, 3 blaster accessories, and instructions.

  • Voyager Class figure
  • Figure depicts the selfless Decepticon communications officer, Soundwave, with deco and details inspired by the Shattered Glass universe
  • Converts from robot to cassette player mode in 18 steps
  • Features red Decepticon logo and comes with 3 blaster accessories
  • Includes Laserbeak and Ravage Micromaster figures that convert from robot to cassette mode in 4 and 7 steps
  • Comes with the fifth of a 5-issue IDW Shattered Glass miniseries with a Hasbro Pulse exclusive variant cover you can only get with figure, featuring spot UV

These are just the exclusives announced today that are now available for preorder.  They also have a decent amount of new preorders on new figures revealed today.  Stay tuned for tomorrow, when PulseCon continues with Day two and the arrival of Serpentor!