PulseCon 2022 Marvel Legends Panel Recap

September 30, 2022

Hasbro’s Marvel Legends portion of PulseCon has come to a close leaving us with a nice amount (and selection) of new figures to add to our collections.  While some of these will be available starting today at 5 PM EST for members, 6 PM for everyone else, there’s definitely some that won’t be available until 2023.  But enough with that, let’s go…

The panel started off by revealing a first to the Retro 375 line, a vehicle.  Ghost Rider with his cycle are on the way (and that cycle is very red).  They followed this up with some reveals to the brand new Iron Man Retro Collection.

Next up was some new villainous reveals:  Orb, Molecule Man, and Moonstone.  Moonstone will have double pinless arms, alternate hands, and a new mask.

They also included one figure for the MCU crowd, since this panel was mainly comic related.  Here’s a sneak peek at the 2023 release of Warrior Gamora from What If?  Gamora has a giant axe and Thanos-like appearance.

Now it’s time to shift gears and think X-Men.  In particular, Uncanny X-Men #275.  Take a look at the cover if you are unfamiliar (or to enjoy again) as it’s about to get very important to Marvel Legends.

The next news was the announcement of a new wave of retro collection X-Men.  First up is Wolverine, as seen above in Uncanny and also released in the original Toybiz line.  Longshot, who was part of the SDCC set, is the next new release.  He now can be obtained individually and has different paint apps.  Multiple Man was third and has a very nice green paint application.  And alternate head of course to make Multiple Men.  Dark Phoenix returns as the fourth figure.  She was last released as a Toys R Us exclusive and now has a new waist sash, sculpted phoenix logo, and phoenix power accessory.  Next up is Avalanche, who sees his Hasbro Marvel Legends debut (he was last released by Toy Biz).  And wrapping up the wave is Spiral from Mojoverse.  Fans were upset when she wasn’t included in the SDCC exclusive set but no worries, she’s on the way with six arms and six weapons (and alternate hands).

Next up they mentioned the upcoming 60th anniversary of the X-Men in 2023 and to expect a lot of mutants.  They were able to show us a preview of three releases:  Storm, Banshee, and Stryfe.  Remember Uncanny #275 above?  Here’s where it fits in again.  Storm will come with alternate lightning hands, Banshee has fabric wings and two likenesses, and Stryfe finally returns.  The last release of Stryfe was a Toys R Us exclusive and is pretty hard to obtain.

Wrapping things up is some news on the VHS line exclusive to Pulse/Shop Disney.  Cyclops will be the next release in this series and has his chest straps keyed to the torso, alternate hands, pinless arms and legs, and like the other X-Men VHS releases is cel-shaded.  Not only is Cyclops the next release, he’s also the last…for now.  In 2023 they are taking a “break” on the VHS X-Men series and shifting to another VHS line:  Spider-Man.  This will be based on the popular Spider-Man animated series from the 90’s.  They previewed the packaging for a Venom/Carnage VHS 2 pack.  But again, they made sure to stress that the X-Men were not finished, just on hold.

And that’s a wrap.  Head to Hasbro Pulse to preorder at 6PM EST and be sure to come back tomorrow for more from Pulse Con!