PulseCon 2022 Transformers Panel Recap


September 30, 2022
Legacy Evolution Artwork

PulseCon kicked things off going straight to Cybertron with the Transformers.  There was a bunch of reveals, brand news, and more!  We’ll start off with the new toy reveals, as that was the fans choice to start the show.

First up is a good look at the new packaging artwork for Legacy Evolution, the next series of Transformers Legacy.  Give the poster a good look over, it’s loaded with easter eggs!

Now we’ll start on Core Class.  There will be six dinobots to be released in the core class…and they will combine to create Volcanicus.  They also mentioned how the dinobots could mix and match in with past combiners for crazy combinations.  Here’s a look at the two core class dinobots shown during the stream: Slug and Sludge

The final core class announcement was the addition of Soundblaster.  They did note the color scheme is faithful to the animated version.

With the smaller Core Class finished, up next was Deluxe Class.  And they started off with one we’ve all been waiting for…Breakdown.  With the release of the last Stunticon, Menasor can now be built.  Although there is new Legacy Evolutions packaging on the way, they are including Breakdown in the assortment in the original Legacy packaging to keep the set consistent.  Pretty cool move on their part to even think of that.  Anyhow, here’s Breakdown:

Next up in Deluxe Class is Scraphook, an all new Junkeon.  Scraphook is a tow truck with parts that are interchangeable to create crazy, junk-filled junkeons.  They seemed to suggest more of these on the way and the possible combos being pretty ridiculous, so keep an eye out for more on this one.  Another cool detail to check out is the eye patch on Scraphook.  Overall, this looks to be a pretty solid release.

Wrapping up the Deluxe Class are Hot Shot from Transformers Armada and Needlenose with Sunbeam and Zigzag (the targetmaster).

Up next is Voyager Class.  First is Leoprime.  With this release they went with a more realistic paint application on the lion and included an articulated lower jaw.  The features don’t end there though, Leoprime also has opening chest panels with the matrix inside and fold out claws.

The other Voyager release was somewhat of a surprise.  The leader of Decepticon justice division Tarn will join the line and contain many load outs.  His EvoFusion feature combines his two guns into a huge cannon.  Be sure to check out the cool Decepticon face shield as well.


They noted that there would be no new Leader Class revealed today due to the still-lingering Covid delays but assured fans they are on the way in 2023.

Next up is the exclusive Hero is Born set.  This should be available for preorder on Pulse today at 5PM EST for members, 6PM for everyone.  This two pack includes a young Orion Pax with Alpha Trion.  Head to Pulse this afternoon to get yours secured!

Wrapping things up on the toy side is another exclusive, a new addition to the Shattered Glass line:  Soundwave!  Like past Shattered Glass releases, this will be Pulse exclusive as well.  Soundwave comes in his original boombox form as fans have been calling for.  He also includes two cassettes, Laserbeak and Ravage.  And like the past Pulse exclusive Shattered Glass releases, Soundwave will come with an exclusive issue of the comic with an exclusive cover.

And that wraps up the new Transformers action figure releases.  Stay tuned for more PulseCon news as it hits and never forget…Til all are one.

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