PulseCon 2022 G.I. Joe Panel Recap

October 1, 2022

It’s finally here…the G.I. Joe portion of PulseCon has ended and left collectors with a lot to look forward to (and more damage to their wallets!).  Let’s dive right in.  The Joe team started the show off with an announcement that the HISS tank t-shirts the crew was wearing will be available for sale.  Although this probably isn’t the HISS news you were awaiting (keep reading for that) but I’m sure some fans will love owning this shirt.

Next up was name reveals:  future releases with no preview images or renders.  These are all coming to the G.I. Joe Classified line in the near future:

  • Snow Serpents
  • Buzzer
  • Female Cobra Officers

All three of these will be hits.  Two new army builders plus a Dreadnock = win!

The team then moved onto upcoming releases that have digital renders but no prototypes (yet).  Rock N Roll will have full sleeve tattoos to go along with his hard rocking persona.  Bazooka gets a classic look (with a great mustache!).  Torpedo joins the line with a skin tight body suit.  He also comes in classic colors and can attach all gear onto the figure by attaching his spear gun and smg to the backpack.  Copperhead will come with a scoped sidearm that holsters onto his back.  The original color scheme was bright green and turquoise and was updated to a more neutral and realistic greens.  They did consider making his helmet removable but decided to keep it attached to his head because of it’s iconic look.  Last but definitely not least is Shipwreck.  The fan favorite sailor will have a removable rope that Polly attaches to on the shoulder area.  When sitting here, Polly is looking down at him.  He also comes with a grappling hook, weathered pants, a second pistol (double barreled musket with holder), swap out hair for his head (and a night out on the town) and chest hair.  Yes, Shipwreck is proudly showing off his chest hair.  Take a look at the preview renders below for this group of upcoming releases.

Next up was new preorders, all of which will be available on Pulse today at 5 PM EST (for members) and 6 PM EST (everyone).  Here’s the five mainline releases going up today:  Marauders Barbeque, Crimson BAT, Falcon, Outback, and Cover Girl.  Also available today will be the Serpentor and Air Chariot exclusive set first seen at SDCC this summer.  This limited set is exclusive to Hasbro Pulse and will be 79.99.  Be sure to check out the unique artwork for each!

The team also gave an update on the Haslab HISS Tank.  A sneak peek at the included female gunner, Cobra Commander, and unpainted bonus figure were all revealed.  Voting on the colors for the early bird bonus is coming soon!

The team then began to wrap things up with a preview of Hasbro’s Emily interview with Sgt. Slaughter and a look at the upcoming NERF G.I. Joe release.