PulseCon 2022 Indiana Jones Panel Recap

October 1, 2022

Earlier in the year Hasbro mentioned new Indiana Jones toys were on the way.  Fast forward to SDCC this summer and they pointed us towards PulseCon for the next round of news.  The panel has come and gone and yes, we definitely have a lot of Indiana Jones news for you.  The first Indiana Jones toys to be released in 15 years will contain toys for kids and adult collectors.  Here’s a breakdown of what’s on the way.

  • Indiana Jones Worlds of Adventure – a line for younger kids
  • Indiana Jones Adventure Series – a 6″ Indiana Jones with all newly tooled figures, will cover different films, build-an-artifact pieces
  • Indiana Jones Retro Collection – a re-do of the original Kenner line from the 80’s
  • Indiana Jones Premium Roleplay – iconic items from the films recreated in 1 to 1 scale for collectors

With that being said, we’ll move on to the first wave of Indiana Jones Adventure Series.  This wave focuses on Raiders of the Lost Ark and consists of five figures.  Each figure will include a piece to the build-an-artifact, which is the Ark of the Covenant in this first Raiders themed wave.

Indiana Jones

-weathering on jacket, includes pistol, satchel, two sets of hands, coiled and posed whip, gold idol, and a new hand construction with the ball socket on the hand in place of a pin


-includes alternate melted face, hand, gun, and glasses are attached to head sculpt but are slightly moveable (and melted on alternate head)



-multiple layers on skirt, many sculpted details throughout, accurate staff


-includes frying pan, real monkey was scanned to create the one included

Ark of Covenant

-one piece is included with each of the five series one releases, collect them all to build the Ark

The Indiana Jones team then mentioned over 25 items in the adventure series are in the works/on the way!  Next up they gave a preview of the retro collection.  The only figure previewed was Indiana Jones and is a recreation of the 3 3/4 Kenner release from the 80’s.  Indiana Jones still has his quick-draw action feature and will come on a retro cardback.  They also addressed the issue of broken thumbs with the original vintage releases.  The team did try to fix this issue and hopefully Indy can give a thumbs up when necessary.  Here’s a look at what to expect:

The final new toy shown in the new Indiana Jones Collection is part of the Adventure series and is a replica of the Staff of Ra Headpiece.  It does include a base, and when switched from one slot to another in base the staff lights up as seen in the movie.

And that wraps up our coverage of Hasbro’s new Indiana Jones line.  There’s way more to come in this line in 2023 and we’ll be sure to bring you all the details as they’re revealed.