First Look: New Masters of the Universe Origins and Masterverse

October 2, 2022

Mattel started MOTU-esday during the summer with new sneak peeks of upcoming Masters of the Universe products including a lot of action figures.  We haven’t received an action figure update from this weekly event in a few weeks but thanks to Instagram’s yo_tengo_el_poder we’re able to show you enough to fill that void.  It’s time for our first ever MOTU-Sunday:  Let’s go!

We’ll start out with Origins and a look at the upcoming wave 11 and the beginning of the Snake Men series.  Wave 11 includes Snake Armor He-Man, two Snake Men (Kobra Khan & Rattlor), and a new addition from Rulers of the Sun: Bolt-Man.  Here’s a look at the wave on the newly designed Snake Men packaging.  This new look will definitely stand out on the pegs from the previous, classic design.

Not to be left out or outdone, Skeletor too has a Snake Armor Origins figure on the way!  Here’s a look at this release out of the package.

And last but definitely not least is a new figure/vehicle pack.  Collectors are requesting more and more vehicles and will be happy to see the return of the Road Ripper…um, Ground Ripper.  That’s right, it has a new name and now can apparently rip the ground as well as the road.  The figure included in this set, Mekaneck, has been high on the wishlists of Origins collectors.  He may end up more popular than the new Ground Ripper, we’ll see!

Now we’ll move onto the 6″ line, Masterverse.  Starting off, here’s a look at wave seven in package.  It will include a second Evil-Lyn from Revelations as the Sorceress, Stratos from New Eternia, and Frosta from Princess of Power.

But wait, that’s only three figures in wave seven.  The fan favorite Roboto will be the fourth figure in this wave and here’s a preview at the release.

Last, but definitely not least, we have Masterverse Man-E-Faces.  I’m unsure which wave he will be in (or he may be a deluxe release) and if he is part of Revelation or New Eternia.  Either way, he looks awesome.

That’s all for this first ever MOTU-Sunday at  Thanks again to yo_tengo_el_poder on Instagram and stay tuned for even more Masters of the Universe news to come!