One Big, Huge, Awesome Masters of the Universe Update


October 4, 2022

What a day it’s been for Masters of the Universe fans.  As we reported early this morning, today was Eternia announcement day, which alone is a big thing (news and size).  But it was also MOTU-uesday, which gave us a look at another upcoming animated release.  It doesn’t end there though, preorders launched today for all the Masters of the Universe we reported on recently and a few we didn’t!  We have a lot of new stuff to get through, so let’s go!

We’ll start out with the preorders.  While some readers may not order online, they are a great source of pictures for new releases.  Up first is Wave 11 of Masters of the Universe Origins which sees the beginning of the new cardback design for the Snake Men.


Preorder Link EE – 19.99

Kobra Khan

Preorder Link EE – 19.99


Preorder Link EE – 19.99

The fourth figure in Wave 11 is Snake Armor He-Man (Preorder Link EE – 19.99) and does not have images available yet.  We did post the carded picture from this wave in the previous article but nothing out of package just yet.  Next up is a look at Masters of the Universe Origins Deluxe Wave 6 which also sees a new cardback design for the new Snake Men!

King Hiss

Preorder Link EE – 24.99

Thunder Punch He-Man

Preorder Link EE – 24.99

Now onto Masterverse, but we will return to Origins again a little later.  For now, let’s look at Masterverse Wave seven.  As with the Snake Armor He-Man, we have no new pictures to show for these that were not in the previous article (boxed picture of each and out of box pictures of Roboto).  Here’s another look at them in-package along with links on each.

Preorder Link EE – Roboto Revelations 24.99

Preorder Link EE – Evil-Lyn Skelesorc Revelations 24.99

Preorder Link EE – Frosta Princess of Power 24.99

Preorder Link EE – Stratos New Eternia 24.99

Preorder Link EE – Set of Four 99.99 (use FALLFREE22 for free shipping)

Referring back to the previous article, I’m still unsure where Man E Faces fits in, but from what I have learned he is a regular release and not a deluxe.  So Wave eight?  We’ll see what happens.  Before moving out of Masterverse we have one more.  If you follow along with the MOTU-esday previews, you might remember a sneak peek at Skeletor from the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie.  Now we have more images and information for this upcoming deluxe Masterverse release.  Skeletor will include:

  • Skeletor figure
  • Soft goods cape
  • 2 Swappable heads
  • 2 Sets of swappable hands
  • Sword
  • Havoc Staff
  • Cosmic Key

Next up will be a quick look at some upcoming figures from the Netflix animated series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe line including Mix five (mix=wave) and two new vehicles.


Preorder Link EE – 12.99


Preorder Link EE – 12.99


Preorder Link EE – 12.99

Two new vehicles are on the way in this line too but no images as of this posting.  If you’re still interested they are some old school classics!  Battle Bones makes a return and comes with Skeletor along with Stridor and He-Man.

Battle Bones w/ Skeletor Preorder Link EE – 24.99

Stridor w/He-Man Preorder Link EE – 24.99

Moving on once again, we’ll make a stop by and check out MOTU-esday.  This week saw a preview of Cosmic Skeletor along with information that he will be available for preorder first at Wal-Mart on Thursday, October 6.

I promised we would return to Origins so let’s consider this the grand finale:  Eternia.  Here’s the official from Mattel Creations.

Join the Battle for Eternia! Locked in an everlasting war, this Eternia playset is swarming with action-packed features and hidden surprises. The Grayskull Tower and the Viper Tower flank the Eternia Tower as the forces of good and evil wage war. March into combat and fund the playset for the ultimate centerpiece to your MOTU collection.

  • Masters of the Universe Origins Eternia Playset
  • 3ft x 4ft for an epic display*
  • Working battle tram, elevators, trap doors, and more
  • King Grayskull has 16 points of articulation and is a special-edition character available for the crusaders who brave the crowdfund during the first week

At 5,000 Backers – You get the Masters of the Universe Origins Eternia Playset, an epic display that will bring your MOTU collection to life

Early Backer Bonus – When the Eternia Playset is funded, all orders received between 10/12 and 10/19 will receive the King Grayskull figure, a key to the history and mystery of Eternia

This iconic playset is the ultimate tribute to the everlasting battle between good and evil, but we can’t do it without your help. Share the crowdfund with your fellow friends, family, heroes, and villains to bring the Eternia Playset home!

Learn more about this epic display below and don’t forget to check out the FAQ!

*Because this item is large and heavy, a surcharge of $50 will apply to US orders and a surcharge will apply to International orders.

This Mattel Creations Crowdfund begins October 12 and if completed will ship on or before March 29, 2024.  And that wraps up this super-duper big update on the various Masters of the Universe action figure lines.  As always stay tuned for more as it drops and let us know in the comments below if you will be ordering an Eternia playset for your collection!