First Look: McFarlane Toys Official Sneak Peek @ NYCC Panel

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Watch out, here comes uncle Todd to share the goodies! Directly from the floor at this year’s New York Comic Con, we’ve gotten an extended look at some of the stuff that’s coming by the end of the year and even into 2023 for both McFarlane Toys and DC Direct.

Even though most of these we’re already leaked, there are some surprises, but mostly, great first looks at the figures themselves. Let’s check it out:

McFarlane Toys – DC Multiverse 7in

Still on time to arrive on our shelves this year, we’re getting two 12 inches megafigs -the ones we saw yesterday at McFarlane’s party-: on one hand we have Mongul in a quite flashy variation of his New 52 looks, and then we have the best design that Frankenstein has sported during his DC tenure.

Batman: Hush blue and gray variant, Knightfall’s Catwoman, Duke Thomas The Signal have been some of the most recent leaks, along with what could end up being a Death of Superman wave, starting with Superboy and Eradicator.

Joining as the surprise reveals are: a new Joker figure, based on what I can see on the Infinite Frontier The Joker #1 comic, and one of the most requested characters… Mr. Freeze with his DC Rebirth looks. It’s worth noting that all of these seem to be finished figures already, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they pop up waaaay sooner than the Spring 2023 release date.

The one that we always hoped for but weren’t expecting is the Dark Knight wave! This lineup shows that they will be going across all the trilogy for inspiration, having a Batman Begins Scarecrow, the main trio from The Dark Knight: Batman, Joker and Two Face, and Bane from the ‘Rises finale.

I know that I’m not alone in hoping that we gave further waves with other characters to be done (Batman Begins batsuit pleaaase, make it happen!).


McFarlane Toys – DC Retro 6in

Todd’s “favorite” line is coming with new stuff too. Alfred as Batman was previously announced and already on pre-order, while Egghead and Black and White versions of Riddler and Robin leaks have been out for a while now.

Then onto 2023, we’re seeing for the first time these leaked listings, with a special mention to the Two Face figure, that comes with a coin and I’d love to see scaled into the 7in line, because it looks great, given that he’s based on the looks from the comics that continue the old ’66 tv universe.


DC Direct – Page Punchers 7in

Although we know that the 7in versions of the Page Punchers are supposed to be original designs to accompany the exclusive comic, for me, these take some serious inspiration from the Young Justice looks… and I’m completely ok with that!! Although there are renders, they don’t have the warning label that the TDK figures had, so it seems these are the final designs.


DC Direct – Super Powers 5in


The Walmart exclusive line was not without surprises, with an early concept look at a brand-new Batmobile and Wonder Woman’s invisible jet!

We also laid eyes on the leaked Nightwing from Batman: Hush, Wonder Woman, and Deathstroke.


DC Direct – Statues

There’s at least one new Batman Black and White statue coming in 2023 (can’t quite figure out the artist’s style at the moment), and an amazing Joker from the JLU animated universe.


To end things on a high note, we also got the promise from the Toddfather himself about some upcoming figures from this year’s big event: Batman/Spawn!!! (sorry Todd, the solicitations make that the official title, not the other way around!).

We like to send thanks and give proper credit to all the people attending the panel and sharing live with us all the info, specially robdtoys, and dcprimecollective.

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  1. Some huge updates. I wish there was more on the Super Powers front, but glad to see we are getting more. Those Page Punchers look good and definitely have a Young Justice vibe to the looks.
    Curious that there were no Page Puncher reveals for the 3″ figures. I wonder if that line is dead…?

  2. That Nolan Batman wave needs Ra’s, Talia, Cat Woman, and an army builder League of Shadows Ninja! I even want an Alfred

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