First Look: Upcoming Spawn Universe releases by McFarlane Toys

The McFarlane Toys panel at NYCC keeps on giving! After yesterday’s presentation, we’re still getting new content, shared by the great collectors that attended the con. A round of applause for Rob Dunbar and company, who have been sharing these.

Getting back to his “baby”, Todd shared some very interesting stuff, including the news that we’ll get some goodies from the upcoming Batman/Spawn comic event.

Besides that, we’re getting some new figures next year, including a Monolith megafig, Coligostro’s new identity from the recent comics: Sinn, and a super dope Medieval Spawn (fun tidbit, these last two are originally co-created by Neil Gaiman, the maker of Sandman, who I’d love to see in new figure form, but with the shade between these two, is unlikely).

Let’s remember that some time ago Todd talked about making a second Kickstarter campaign with Medieval Spawn as the subject, die-cast, and straight-up metal parts and all. Maybe this is the first step into seeing that project come to life.

Then there’s the “bomb” that we didn’t see coming: Page Punchers is growing beyond the DC license. This is huge for the comic industry (I really owe you an article on the importance of this product, it’s coming guys!) because basically Todd could reprint a bunch of stuff and pair them with mini figures as soon as he grabs the rights. Obviously, this could be just me reaching too far, Spawn is his own so it’s easier, but nevertheless, it’s an unexpected yet great move.

For the time being, he’s starting with the 3 inches versions, which are known for reprinting classic and hit comic issues, but perhaps we’ll also get the 7 inches line that sports original designs and exclusive one-shots, that would be cool as hell! (pun intended).

This first wave is going to include Spawn #1 with a mini figure of Spawn and Anti-Spawn, and Spawn #309 cover variant with Gunslinger Spawn and Auger as the accompanying figures.

Let us know which other covers and characters you’d love to see as part of this new Page Punchers initiative!