Thundercats Thursday? Super7 Teases New Ultimates!

October 12, 2022

Thundercats Hooooo!  Super7 has sent out a teaser image for a new release on Thursday and it seems to be time for some sight beyond sight.  Sword of Omens, do your thing….I see what appears to be a rat, with silver daggers:  it’s Rataro!  Recently on display at New York Comic Con along with Snarf and Willa (or Nayda?).  I’ve included below a screenshot from one of the many booth videos created at NYCC by Super7 that very quickly panned across these three upcoming releases – from a distance.  But, even with the lower quality, you can should be able to identify the three I listed.  Set your traps tonight and be ready tomorrow, the Thundercats are on the move, loose, and most definitely feeling the roar!