Valaverse Wounded Warehouse To Open Online Monday


October 15, 2022

Valaverse has sent some exciting news for Action Force fans:  The Wounded Warehouse.  Here you will find the “damaged” items from their shipments.  Why would you want to buy their damaged items?  Great question:  the majority of what will be offered only have damage to the packaging, so it’s a great way to add more to your collection if you are an opener and toss the packaging anyhow.  And if the damage is to the figure and/or accessories, it will be noted.  Be sure to hit them up as soon as they open, there may be some tougher to find releases available and everything is very limited quantities.  And check out the link below for a preview of some really sweet wounded items already posted.  Here’s the official word from Valaverse:

Hello Action Force fans,

We just added a new section to the store on that we think you will enjoy. Throughout every production run, there will always be some items that are damaged in transit. We’ve been putting these aside for when we were ready to launch, the Wounded Warehouse (link below)! The Wounded Warehouse offers some of these damaged items at a nice, discounted rate. The majority of these items only have packaging damage, no issues with the figures or accessories unless noted. This is your chance to add more figures to your squad while saving a little bit. There are even signed exclusive items available, but these are limited to one per customer. All of the items in the Wounded Warehouse are extremely limited in quantity, but more may be added as we go through our stock.

The Wounded Warehouse will officially open on Monday, October 17th at 1:00pm EST. You can check out all of the items and read the descriptions starting today to get yourself familiar with what will be available. The level of damage to the packaging may vary and all sales are final on Wounded Warehouse items. 

We hope you enjoy this new section of the store and take advantage of these sale items. 

It’s Time for Action!!!