Breaking News? Even More Masters of the Universe On The Way


October 16, 2022

It’s been only twelve days since we last met and besides watching the count on the super-impressive Eternia playset I didn’t expect to have much to say beyond an occasional news update here and there.  As usual, I was wrong, and here we are again for another super-duper update to try and catch everyone up on what all has been revealed lately.  To clarify, before going any further, I am not dropping any ground-breaking, never before seen items here; just covering everything that’s been announced since the last update. They may be new to you, and we realize it can be hard to keep up with it all!

If you’ve been following my Masters of the Universe updates, this is episode three of what was planned as a zero episode series.  They have just kind of happened so I’ve ran with it.  For those who weren’t there, we ended episode two looking at all the sweet Eternia pictures that were brand new at the time.  So let’s just pick up where we left off…

If you thought this was going to be more news about Eternia, where we left off, you’re wrong.  The campaign hadn’t yet started so we’ll begin with Mattel’s 40th Birthday Party for He-Man.  I always assumed Prince Adam was at least 16 and now was in his late 50’s to early 60’s, but he had aged well.  Apparently his official birthday is October 12, 1982.  I am guessing this ties into his first action figure release in some way, but I am not completely sure.  Regardless, we now have a date and let’s run with it.  Mattel went all-out for He-Man’s 40th with a press event, celebrity guests, and more.  They definitely put a lot into it and it showed.

At this event there were new reveals, of course.  Thanks to Instagram’s Planet Eternia and yo_tengo_el_poder here’s a rundown of these items starting with Origins.  Also, a big thanks to Instagram’s manuel_eduardo_caritas and axel.gimenez, packaging designers for Mattel.  When possible I’ve included their original artwork they’ve shared for the various releases below.  If you’re a Masters of the Universe fan, there’s a good chance you are also a fan of the always-impressive artwork found on the packaging throughout the years.  And team manuel_eduardo_caritas/axel.gimenez bring it.

Masters of the Universe Origins

Deluxe Moss Man

He’s flocked and looking pretty mean with his alternate head and weapons.  His smiling face looks a little awkward and I’m not a big fan of the yellow armor.  But he is flocked, as Moss Man should be, and is a nice deluxe package.  I wonder if he still smells like pine?

Frog Monger

A brand new character hits not only the Origins line, but Masters of the Universe toys period.  Frog Monger, according to his card description, the “Dungeon Dweller of Castle Grayskull”.  If you remember the dungeon sticker from the Grayskull playset (see below) you will notice Frog Monger as one of its inhabitants.  He’s been freed and will be available exclusively on Mattel Creations in 2023.


Again, a new character to Masters of the Universe toys as far as I am aware.  He-Skeletor is “The Most Powerful Keldor in the Multiverse” and looks to be a He-Man made of Skeletor’s blue plastic color and gold/purple paint applications.  Maybe there’s more to this story, or maybe it’s just a easy re-paint.  Regardless, it will also be a 2023 Mattel Creations exclusive (and I will still buy one!).

And we’ll wrap up with the Ground “Road” Ripper that we had a peek of last update.  Full pictures are now available, preorders, etc.  If you haven’t seen this one yet, be sure to check out how Mattel re-created Mekaneck’s neck (say that 10 times fast).  Personally I’m not sure I like it and really wish he had maintained his original action feature.  I understand that they can’t do them all, but this one does seem like it would have been too tough.  I also mentioned the name change on the Road Ripper last time.  It’s not a big deal in any way and if I had to guess, I would say they no longer had the rights to the name Road Ripper.  It has been fun though seeing different fans, and even some retail stores sticking to their old school roots and calling it the Road Ripper.  I see you – nice job.  Regardless, here’s Mekaneck and the Ground “Road” Ripper.

Preorder Link EE – 36.99

Snake Mountain

Eternia is a big deal.  I would argue that the announcement of Snake Mountain is even bigger.  After having Grayskull from basically the beginning of Masters of the Universe Origins, collectors have wanted Skeletor’s lavish domain as well.  With the success of the Origins line and the major expansion in characters and vehicles, it wasn’t really a surprise to see Snake Mountain finally announced/revealed.  It is a set that way more collectors owned and played with as kids since it was way less expensive (and released earlier in the line).  Since we last visited Snake Mountain as children it has seen a facelift.  Things you may notice are: the removal of the working microphone, the net below the trap door, and the iconic green snake.  In it’s place is a new version of the snake, a jail cell, Skeletor’s throne, and some other new accessories that change things up.  Purists may not be happy with the changes, especially the microphone, but personally I think the new set looks great.  With that said, here’s a look at the new Origins Snake Mountain thanks to Instagram’s Planet Eternia.


The crowdfunding campaign rolls along and the early-bird deadline for King Grayskull is quickly coming to a close.  So far the campaign has went about as I expected: it rose to around 3500 pretty quick and has since slowed a lot but still continues creeping towards the magic number.  There was word today on social media mentioning the addition of payment plans using ShopPay.  If this does end up true, or happening, I think Eternia will cruise right by 8k very easily.  I have yet to find any confirmation that you can in fact do payments through ShopPay.  As of now it is setup only for full payment – yes, I took the plunge today, and no payment option was available – just full checkout through ShopPay.  Either way, things are looking good for Eternia and Masters of the Universe collectors who back this campaign.  I would really like to see them add the payment option to ShopPay though as it would allow many collectors who cannot afford one big amount, but could do the payments and be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Enough about that, I’m sure you’ve read enough on this playset in the past week.  So, I’ll wrap this section up with information we didn’t have at the last update: the stretch goals and some artwork shared by manuel_ of the beginning of the packaging art for Eternia by himself andaxel.gimenez.  As usual, it’s looking amazing.

  • King Grayskull has 16 points of articulation and is a special-edition character available for the crusaders who brave the crowdfund during the first week – unlocked along with the playset at 5000 backers
  • The Moat Creature has 7 points of articulation including a moving jaw to attack interlopers and is available when you are to breach the next level – unlocked at 8000 backers.  “Moaty” has already started quite a campaign of his own thanks to Masters fans.  It’s rare to not see a new Moaty meme or picture on social media at the moment.
  • Keclar, Leader of the Elders also has 16 points of articulation and brings his magic and sorcery to the war when you forge ahead through the final battle – unlocked at 10,000 backers.

Now we’ll shift gears and head into Masterverse.  There’s not as many announcements here as compared to Origins, but there is a small piece of news I’ll add in as well.  If you were not aware, Mattel let distributors know that they had not produced enough of the Deluxe Hordak to meet the demand of collectors/fans/kids.  I’m unsure why they didn’t feel the need to produce enough, but it happened.  So unless enough retailers were able to step up and place a large enough order for a second batch (coming in 2023) he was going to a little tougher to obtain.  The retailers ended up coming through and a second batch is on the way, so crisis averted on that front.  If you want a Hordak now, and don’t want to wait for that next batch, I’d recommend picking him up if you have the opportunity.

There are three new Masterverse reveals and we’ll now take a look at those.

Skeletor – The New Adventures of He-Man

Skeletor joins the Masterverse line again, this time from the second He-Man animated series from 1990: The New Adventures of He-Man.  He will be an exclusive to Target along with the previously revealed He-Man.

He-Man – The New Adventures of He-Man

You’ve seen this before in a previous update but I wanted to share with you the packaging artwork thanks again to Instagram’s manuel_eduardo_caritas.

Preorder Link Target – 21.99


Duncan gets a Deluxe upgrade with a new Masterverse Deluxe release.  This release looks solid, especially with all the accessories and options to equip him.  And there’s a soft goods cape!

Two Bad

Another Deluxe Masterverse release (possibly the same wave as the Man-At-Arms above) goes to Two Bad joining the line in New Eternia format.  The figure looks great and we have more beautiful Masters of the Universe packaging artwork to share thanks once again to Instagram’s manuel_eduardo_caritas.

Last up is another playset you may be familiar with: Grayskull from the Netflix CGI He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series is now available for pre-order.  It’s available now through Amazon for 99.99.

Amazon Link – 99.99 w/Prime

That wraps up this Masters of the Universe update.  Watch for more to come in the daily site news and if necessary another round-up.  And a big thanks to Instagram’s Planet Eternia, yo_tengo_el_poder, manuel_eduardo_caritas and axel.gimenez for all of their great work.  Let us know in the comments below if you plan to add any of these newly announced and revealed toys to your collection!