A Closer Look At MOTU Origins Thunder Punch He-Man

October 17, 2022

Instagram’s duo of manuel_eduardo_caritas and axel.gimenez, the team who brings the amazing artwork to Mattel’s Masters of the Universe packaging, have another sneak peek for us.  Today they have shared the in-package images of the upcoming Masters of the Universe Origins Deluxe Thunder Punch He-Man.  Although we have seen this figure’s promotional images and an in-package image, they are showing for the first time back of the card.  Not only do we get an up-close image of the new artwork for this release but also some possible information about the line?

Yes, those are Snake Troopers fighting Thunder Punch He-Man.  Is this a hint of another figure to come?  The Snake Troopers have only been released in the Masters of the Universe one time, in a 2019 Power Con exclusive 3-pack with Slamurai.  That is not a typo.  Anyhow, the Snake Troopers were originally planned to be a release in the Masters of the Universe line from the 1980’s.  The line was cancelled and so were Snake Troopers.  I guess when they said the Snake Men were coming they weren’t joking…And for those who missed the Power Con black armored Horde Trooper, this could be good news for you as well!

Preorder Link EE – 24.99