Closer Look: Jazwares- Deluxe Wave 3: Jega ‘Roomnai : The Halo Spartan Collection

October 20, 2022

Reviewed by:Atsuma

Jega ‘Roomnai was a huge part of what made the hype for the Halo: Infinite Series. This is due to that this elite was unlike any other that was seen within the Halo Series games. This Elite actively dual wields two energy swords, has a robotic arm, and an overall cool design.

Jega is an Elite that is associated with the Banished, as one of War Chief Escharum’s loyal generals. This elite has the ability to turn himself fully invisible and stalk his victims for days on end. Making this Elite a huge threat for anyone, especially the UNSC. It is not until towards the end of the game, where Master Chief has to go after the Elite head on after he kidnapped “The Pilot”. It is a dangerous fight, due to how sneaky and dangerous the Elite is.

That is a bit of backstory about the character, but now let us get into this review. This will be me comparing the figure from Jazwares to the in game character.

Sculpt, Articulation, and Paint Application

The overall design of the sculpt is a 10/10. This is due to that it is a fresh sight to see something else that a Spartan being made every single time. Meaning that like the Arbiter, this character gained a whole new sculpt model. The key feature that makes this sculpt different than the Arbiter’s is that it comes with new armor molds, sizing difference, on the right side he has a custom robotic arm mold, and overall just insanely a good figure sculpt. I even have to add that they updated the weapon’s materials too. The Blood’s Bane, Red Energy Sword, it is made out of a harder plastic and looks to be longer. The same with this Pulse Carbine, it is not made with some rubbered plastic.

The articulation is the exact same for each of these Elite Figures. It has its basic arms, legs, knees, ankles, wrists, elbows and torso swivel. They still have not found a good way to make his neck and head swivel better. They just seem to be able to rotate and spin in circles. That is a huge minus on that, but overall it is the same as the Arbiter.

Paint Application
There is some upon the figure, but not much. The main paint application seems to be all the little red bits upon the armor. Then upon the head it seems like the face only have some yellow dots for eyes, and some scuff marks here and there. The best paint application is on the Pulse Carbine. This is due to the huge amount of detail that was put into it to mock the in game model.

Features and Accessories


  • Arm Articulation
  • Leg Articulation
  • Wrist Articulation
  • Interchangeable Hands
  • Elbow Articulation
  • Knee Artiuclation
  • Barely any Head Articulation
  • Ankle Articulation


  • 1x- Jage ‘Roomnai Figure
  • 1x- Bloodbane Energy Sword
  • 1x- Pulse Carbine
  • 5x- Interchangeable Hands
  • 1x- Robotic Arm with Energy blade

The overall quality of the figure is amazing. Since it captures almost perfectly with the In-Game Model of the character. The figure itself was well made, and there were HUGE upgrades to the materials that the weapons were made out of. Quality wise, 9.5/10.

The way that the score could increase is if Jazwares is able to figure out ways to make the neck and head more posable.


The figure is valued at 34.99, but it could be retailed at 35- 40 and be worth it.

Overall, it is worth the pick up if it was 37.99

Overall Score