NECA Store Exclusive Back to the Future Accessory Set

October 22, 2022

NECA has released a nice collection of action figures over the years for the 80’s pop culture powerhouse movie: Back to the Future.  The collection of Ultimates so far includes multiple versions of Marty McFly and Doc along with a Biff.  While there’s still many characters that would make cool additions to this line NECA has a surprise announcement today that will help collectors expand their Back to the Future displays in a different way: new accessories.  This online exclusive set contains many iconic accessories from the trilogy that will be a welcome addition to many collections.  This pre-order begins October 26, 2022 with an expected shipping date of “early 2023”.

This exclusive accessory set will come in the NECA Ultimates style window-box with opening front flap that collectors are accustomed to.  Here’s a list of what’s included in this set:

  • Doc Brown’s Brainwave Scanner head
  • Doc’s Haz Mat Hood head
  • Einstein the dog
  • plutonium case
  • two different license plates
  • Walkie Talkie
  • new interchangeable hands
  • assorted paper goods
  • Marty’s Back to the Future 2 shoes and shoe case

Be sure to check out the images below of these cool new accessories for the NECA Ultimate Back to the Future collection and don’t forget to pre-order yours exclusively at the NECA Store on October 26!