First Look: The Ant Soldier

October 27, 2022

Snail Shell Studio is venturing into a new area with the announcement of the Ant Soldier.  This new figure is a collaboration with the famous Chinese artist Sazen.  From base to tentacle, Ant Soldier is approximately 15cm tall (5.9″) and should fit in with many other 1/12 action figures.  Besides the figure, the following accessories are included:

  • 3 Pairs of Replaceable Hands
  • Removable Short knife
  • Removable Long knife
  • Removable Spear
  • Platform Base
  • Transparent bracket

Look for a release in Spring 2023 with a retail price around 32.00 (in China).  Be sure to read the information below and check the image gallery of this really awesome Ant Soldier.

For the first time, Snail’s Shell co-branded with Sazen, a well-known domestic prototype artist, to present Sazen’s original GK modeling-“Ant” to everyone with pvc movable finished products. GK prototype ultra precision scanning, Sazen personally optimized modeling details, and highly restored GK hand carving texture. Sazen personally designed a new painting color matching to create a balance between GK and movable texture with the effect of dark gold casting. The movable joint has been modified and adjusted many times to achieve the best movable effect. Multiple pairs of alternate hands can be used with multiple weapons. The weapons can be disassembled and can be used to match scenes by DIY.

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