First Look: Page Punchers Supergirl and Doctor Fate Announced

It wasn’t just one of Fate’s illusions! Just as the comic cover from the first part of the Injustice wave foretold, both Supergirl and Doctor Fate are getting their DC Direct Page Punchers figures.


Kara’s release is a new-ish mold, with an exclusive new head and the looks coming straight out of Injustice’s 2 design rather than an all-new one like we’re getting used with the PP’s, but all this wave is just a weird decision after another, so let’s just leave it at that.

Or not just the end of it, because then we have Doctor Fate who’s a retool of the twice-done figure. The main differences that we can see from that single shot is a more armored look thanks to some new pauldrons, a different helmet, and the omission of the loin cloth; also comes with a distinct paint application with another shade of blue and dark gold rather than the previous yellowish gold.

With pre-orders coming soon, stay tuned to the newsfeed to grab the links as soon as they drop!