Marvel Legends Retro 375 Wave 9…Kingpin?

October 29, 2022

Today has been a very busy day for Hasbro with even more announcements at the MCM London Comic-Con.  Somehow though, in the middle of the madness, Steve (Hasbro’s Product Design Director for Marvel at Hasbro) managed to sneak an “Easter Egg” tease in with another look at series eight as revealed at 1027 recently.  Wave eight will consist of only three new figures:  Dr. Doom, Luke Cage Power Man, and Spider-Woman Jessica Drew.

If you look at the picture above, you’ll notice two variations of color on Luke Cage Power Man.  This is not a variant, chase, exclusive, or any other kind of release you can imagine (not yet anyways).  During 1027, Steve explained working with Marvel trying to determine the correct color for Luke Cage’s pants.  After going back and forth many times they finally decided the pants are black.  I repeat, the pants are black.  Now he is showing the initial yellow they were going to give Mr. Cage, which he says is “a more golden shirt”.  They decided in the end to go with a “punchier yellow” as you see in the Power Man in the front of the picture.

He also shared a single picture of an area of his Marvel shelf where wave eight was mixed in with other Marvel Legends action figures.  He ended this post by saying “Hope you like them too! Oh and wave 9… ” with them referring to the three new wave eight releases.  Browsing the picture, only one action figure sticks out, in a very large manner:  Kingpin.  Will this oversized be released as part of wave nine or is there something else hidden in the picture?  You decide and let us know below in the comments!