Masterverse Wave 7 Revelations Skelesorceress Evil-Lyn Artwork/Packaging Reveal


October 29, 2022

Mattel’s package designer manuel_eduardo_caritas has began posting the packaging and artwork for Masterverse Wave seven.  He never fails to deliver and the streak continues with a look at Skelesorceress Evil-Lyn from Masters of the Universe Revelations.  The artwork once again is beautiful and a really good look at this “new” character from Netflix’s series.  Collector’s will definitely be excited to add this one to their MOTU collections.  Stay tuned for the next artwork reveal from Masterverse Wave nine!  Credit again to Instagram’s manuel_eduardo_caritas for the great work he and his team do at Mattel for the Masters of the Universe line.  They definitely have a passion for Masters of the Universe and it really shows in the completed product.