First Look: McFarlane Flashpoint Build-A wave Aquaman

November 3, 2022

Today, McFarlane Toys has announced the next Target-exclusive Build-A Wave, tackling one of the most popular modern storylines: Flashpoint!

The wave will start with Emperor Aquaman, with his pre-order coming next week, and the rest of it will be released during 2023.⁠

With two Flashpoint Batman already released in the DC Multiverse line, and three in the Page Punchers 3in one, this theme was a no-brainer. There are also rumors of a PP with the Flashpoint #3 comic and an Aquaman figure, that we can pretty much have for a certainty now, considering it would simply be a scale-down of this mold.

What comes next is to find out which 3 other characters are going to complete the line (the easy guess) and which one will be the Megafig (the harder guess).

Our predictions would be Flashpoint Batman (different head sculpt?), Wonder Woman, and probably a “new” Flash in a pre-New 52 suit (kind of the same, without the lines everywhere). A Tier 2 guess could include Captain Thunder and S1/Superman. We’re not even going to mention Element Woman, because well, we know Todd and his female figs gripe.

As for the build-a-figure, there were not that many big and bulky characters, so the most obvious one would be Cyborg, and the out-of-the-box predictions could be… Subject Six? (the Doomsday of the Flashpoint timeline), Etrigan? Save the article and let’s get back to it in half a year or so, to see how accurate or wrong we were!

There are obviously a lot of characters that we could also enjoy from this story, so you never know, we could be getting a second-themed wave in the future. So, while we wait, drop down in the comments below, who you think is going to be part of this wave, send us your craziest predictions!

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