The eighth reveal for Necronominus Wave eight consist of new army builder set – the undead.  Many variations on these figures are available due to the swappable body parts.  Check out that blue flame head!

The undead ranks of the Congregation of Necronominus are made of more than just skeletons. The zombified remains of the freshly dead, the flesh still clinging to their bones, claw their way from the grave to march behind the Lord of Death. The restless spirts of the long deceased also fly forward, their ghostly bodies given the power to animate suits of cast-off armor and wield weapons in their spectral hands. There is no peace in death for these souls, no rest beyond the grave, for they have returned to Mythoss as part of the undead army of Necronominus.

This is one of our popular “builder” sets, and it will be $55 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). Previous sets (Barbarian, Knight) focused more on extra armor and weapons, but this Undead set is based more on body parts! With a set of zombie limbs, as well as a set of ghost limbs, plus 4 total heads, this set allows for an incredible number of “pop and swap” display options! It is a also a great set to pair with Legion Builder figures to add some soldiers to your undead army!

By Travis