Mythic Legions: Necronominus Wave Reveal Nine – Maxillius the Harvester


November 4, 2022
This wave somehow just keeps getting better!  Up next is Maxillius the Harvester with a very wicked Grim Reaper appearance and complete with a full skeleton build for the ninth release.
Before the Lord of Death appears, there is Maxillius the Harvester. Necronominus comes forth to raise the dead and grow his army, and the Harvester’s job is to give his master fields of freshly reaped bodies to turn to his side. Maxillius is as unstoppable as the passage of time. He is a force of nature that cannot be reasoned with or slowed. He exists only to kill. Entire companies of knights have fallen at his feet as the Harvester comes to reap, a scythe in one hand and an hourglass swimming with the souls of his victims in the other. When you hear the rattling of the bones he wears upon his chest, you know the Harvester is close.
This is a standard figure which will be $37 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). This figure offers fans a variety of display options, starting with the Harvester look with his robe and bone armor. You can also remove that armor and display him with his scythe weapon for a classic Grim Reaper look! Remove the remove and you have a hand-to-toe skeleton build, something Legions fans have been requesting for years! This body is a brand-new build for the Necronominus wave, including two brand new skull head sculptures and his scythe and hourglass accessories.
Maxillius the Harvester will go up for preorder, along with the rest of the figures in this wave, on 11/04/22 at 4pm EST at