Mythic Legions: Necronominus Wave Surprise Reveal


November 4, 2022
We now know the various characters, steeds, creatures, and accessories will be part of the Necronominus wave thanks to a huge reveal throughout the day.  But they’re not done just yet.  As a surprise reveal, Sir Elijah, Sir Adalric, Sir Ucczjak, and Bishop the horse will each include an extra swappable dead head.  Raising the dead happens to be a power of Necronominus weapons  The bonus heads will give these three knights as well as Bishop the horse even another display option.  Enough of me though, here’s the Four Horsemen explaining this surprise reveal:
The touch of Necronominus’ horrible Godrazor weapon brings the dead back to life, so we wanted to show that dreaded power in action as part of the Mythic Legions: Necronominus wave! These four figures, Sir Elijah – Sir Adalric – Sir Ucczjak – and Bishop the horse will ALL come with bonus “dead heads” as part of the normal figure release (both the ones preordered from StoreHorsemen AND the ones offered down the road by our Approved Retailers will include these bonus heads)!
The zombie-like horse head seen on the Bishop figure is the same one used on our Phobus figure, but these other three heads are all brand new sculptures making their debut in the line! This means that each of these figures now come with 2 heads, while Sir Elijah comes with 3! These undead additions add even more value to these figures and they give fans and customizers a variety of display options for these new releases.
The Mythic Legions: Necronominus wave goes up for preorder on 11/04/22 at 4pm EST at This preorder period will end on Sunday, January 15th at 11pm EST.