EVORETRO McFarlane DC Multiverse Display Case


November 10, 2022

EVORETRO is a Canadian based company specializing in manufacturing and selling a wide variety of supplies to help collectors protect their valued toys.  When I say a wide variety, do not take my word for it, give their website a look and you’ll see collector supplies for protecting video games, Funko POPs, action figures, Hot Wheels, trading cards, and more.  Also, I will note that although they are based in Canada (and you can order direct with free shipping over 80$ CAD) they also have a store on Amazon.  The reason I mention this is sometimes collectors want/need their stuff fast, and when ordering through Amazon they do have Prime shipping.  Another nice thing about the Amazon store is coupons/deals.  As of the time of writing this article there is currently a 2.00 off coupon along with a “save 10% on 2 select items” on the display case we are about to check out.

This case was designed to fit single release McFarlane DC Multiverse action figures.  These cases are for the collector who keeps all of their toys sealed and wants to protect them.  Or maybe you open the majority of your figures but have a handful that you want to protect in their original packaging for the long run.  Or maybe you just ran into The Rock and he signed your in-box Black Adam figure, which you now want to display in a protective case.  Regardless of the situation, if you are looking for a solid product to display or even store your McFarlane DC Multiverse single releases, these are a great option.

When placing an order through Amazon these are available in packs of 10 and after the current coupon work out to around three dollars each, a little less if ordering two packs and receiving the 10% off.  Assembling the display cases is very simple and pretty self-explanatory, but I decided to show the steps below anyhow.  Be sure to apply a small amount of pressure to the edges for a crisper finished look.

Now that we have one assembled, let’s take a look at what really matters:  How do they look with a figure?  How tight is the fit?  Does this unlock super powers?  Deathstroke and Kid Flash (Team Defiance representing!) volunteered for photo duties.  In the first image you’ll notice I left the protective film on.  This is another recommendation: do not remove this plastic film until after you have assembled the case.  This reduces the chances of anything getting on the case such as fingerprints.  Yes they can be cleaned off, but why do extra work?  Once Deathstroke and Kid Flash were safely secured in their display cases I removed the protective film.  You can see that the plastic is very clear and they look really nice displayed.

Here is a better look at Wally from many different sides and angles.  You’ll see that the figure fits very well in this case.  There is just a tiny bit of breathing room inside the case when a figure is inserted.  The amount of space is about right though as I feel that you wouldn’t want the top actually touching the top of the case.  The edges of the four main sides feel solid and very sturdy.

If you are interested in purchasing some EVORETRO display cases for your collection click here.  And now for a contest!  We are giving away the McFarlane DC Multiverse Gold Label Kid Flash seen in this article and a brand new display case by EVORETRO.  To enter for your chance to win this McFarlane store exclusive action figure, follow/like our Facebook page and comment in the contest post that you want to be entered.  Winner will be chosen Friday, November 18 in a random draw.  Good luck to all who enter!


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