Yes, it’s that time again…Masters of the Universe update incoming.  Since the last update there has been quite a few Masters of the Universe action figures discussed in the daily news posts.  But as usual, I have even more that we’ve yet to talk about among a few other related topics so this seemed like perfect timing.

We’ll start off with a look at three of the four figures for Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 12.  All are promotional pictures that have been floating around with no word on where they originated.  So credit goes to whoever you are out there.  I had already shown the Snake Armor Skeletor in a past update but until now was unsure of where it would fit in.  Wave 12 seemed to make sense, with Wave 11 not only revealed but even beginning to hit some stores.  Beyond Snake Armor Skeletor we now have Tung Lashor (another Snake Man…remember: we started the Snake Men theme with Wave 11) and another addition to the Rulers of the Sun: Hypno.  Tung Lashor, like most Origins, has lost his action feature.  His tongue is now removable unlike it’s vintage counterpart which was adjusted by a dial on his back.  Hypno looks super cool with his “silverhawk” and kaleidoscope weapon that is sure to hypnotize many foes.  The fourth figure in this wave isn’t known yet but my money is on another Snake related character.

MOTU Origins

Wave 12

Tung Lashor

Hypno (Rulers of the Sun)

Snake Armor Skeletor


I’m sure you know Eternia has ended.  Even if you don’t collect Masters of the Universe, if you are into action figures at all, you probably are sick of hearing about it.  As the crowdfund came to a close I began to write something up but I decided to wait on some official word from Mattel.  Why?  They changed the rules on King Grayskull but still fell short.  Would they go ahead and give to everyone who backed?  Would Keclar go into production for early backers?  Or maybe everyone as well?  The combinations went on and on so I felt waiting on them to say something would be best in the end.  Little did I know it would be this long though.  With all of this being said, it seems the final word breaks down to this:  Eternia is being made, the final number of backers (or sets ordered) was 9,291 which unlocked the Moat Monster (second unlock), and only those who ordered during the first week will receive King Grayskull as originally advertised.  Keclar is not mentioned anywhere at all but I doubt we’ve seen the last of him.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as an upcoming made-to-order release on Mattel Creations like we have seen with Grizzlor and Wun-Dar.


I already started today off early with a first look at a new Rulers of the Sun Masterverse release:  Pig Head.  While we knew he was being made eventually I’m not sure anyone expected him just yet.  Either way he’s here and will likely be a Wave 8 Masterverse release along with the two pictured below:  Sorceress and Shadow Weaver.  Again we have three out of four releases…who will be the fourth?


Shadow Weaver

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Fans and collectors of the Netflix series continue with the new releases too!  Here’s a look at the upcoming He-Man & Stridor, Skeletor & Battle Bones, and King Hiss releases.  While I don’t personally follow this series I do find it interesting to see the new looks to the classic toys.  Skeletor looks to have a very rough ride ahead on the new-style Battle Bones!

He-Man & Stridor

Skeletor & Battle Bones

King Hiss

MOTU Fall Guys

The hit battle royale videogame is running a promotion with Masters of the Universe.  You can now purchase five different skins to dress your creature properly Eternian style.  Mattel Creations has announced a box set to commemorate the occasion and can be preordered now for 50.00 and will ship “on or before September 29, 2023”.  The set includes He-Man, Skeletor, Battle Cat, and Teela.  It’s a mystery why they didn’t just create a five pack and include Orko.  Here’s a look at the promotional image for the game along with the set by Mattel Creations.


PAF Vault

While on the topic of Masters of the Universe I also wanted to give a heads up that we’ve made some decent progress on both the Origins and Masterverse Vaults.  Definitely give them a look, we’re adding more and more each week!

PAF Vault – Masterverse

PAF Vault – Origins


I thought I’d end this MOTU update with something a little different and fun.  Puma has teamed up with Masters of the Universe again to create three new pairs of shoes.  These appear to be available in the European markets now, I do not know if there are plans to release them in the US or elsewhere.  If they were available everywhere, what pair would you choose?  I think I’m leaning team Skeletor….and with that I will see you next time!


Battle Cat



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