New Marvel Legends Retro 3.75 Collection Vault

November 16, 2022 ,

Hey kids, if you are not familiar with our Vaults at Project Action Figure, then let me introduce you to them via the latest entry into the Vault – The Marvel Legends 3.75 Retro Collection. Like all of our Vaults, this one contains a nice gallery of each figure in the line, giving you a look at the package as well as various poses of the figure and a look at the accessories.

Keep in mind that every figure may not be featured in the Vault now, but you can be assured that it will eventually show up in there. With the launch of the Marvel Legends 3.75 Retro Collection Vault, we are about 90% up-to-date with current releases. Currently, this Vault features figures from wave 1 through 7, as well as a couple of exclusive releases from the Hasbro Pulse site.

You can find a couple of samples of how the Vaults work by clicking on the images below, and going through the gallery to see all the relevant images of the figures.

Mr. Fantastic (2 images)

Green Goblin (3 images)

Run to the comment section and let us know if you are adding these figures to your shelves, and also let us know if you are enjoying the Vaults or find them useful.