We get a catalog image for wave 2 of the Beasts of the Mesozoic: Tyrannosaur series- Bistahieversor sealeyi (meaning “Bistahi destroyer”).

The dino was described in 2010, from the Late Cretaceous 75.5 to 74.5 million years ago, predating T. Rex by 10 Million years. Bistahieversor was discovered in the Fruitland Formation of New Mexico.

The Bistahieversor figure is 16″ long and features 22 points of articulation plus three sets of alternate feet, base, interchangeable standing lower legs, and a bendable tail end. Colors were inspired by the Red-bellied Black Snake.

With Wave 1 starting to ship, Bistahieversor kicks off the Wave 2 assortment which is estimated to deliver in Spring of 2023.

By tgreco

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