Mattel’s design team has delivered another amazing package for the upcoming Camo Khan exclusive.  We reported on this upcoming Mattel Creations exclusive figure on Monday and now we have better images of the packaging and artwork thanks to Mattel’s own manel_eduardo_caritas on Instagram.  The fold-out front of the packaging shows the battle from the vintage mini comic The Legend Begins!  minus the interventions of Skeletor and He-Man.  I’m going to share the artwork first, then we’ll take a dive into everything shown.

Let’s get to the breakdown of everything shown in the main image (front).  While not everything teased in artwork has made it into the Origins line (yet), the majority seem to preview upcoming releases.  Just to clarify, this is not confirmation that any of these characters will be future of Masters of the Universe Origins releases, but the odds are pretty good we’ll be seeing many if not all of these in the next couple of years.

  • A. Megator – evil green skinned giant of Preternia, vintage figure was only released in Europe
  • B. Eternia – playset recently crowdfunded through Mattel Creations
  • C. Snake Face – a snake(man) hidden in the grass!
  • D. Rattlor – part of Wave 11
  • E. Sssqueeze – the snake with long bendy arms, future hint?
  • F. King Hiss – part of Deluxe Wave 6
  • G. Tyrantisaurus Rex – most terrifying dinosaur in the land of Preternia
  • H. Camo Khan – the featured snake man
  • I. Tung Lashor – part of Wave 12
  • J. Castle Grayskull – no explanation necessary
  • K. Tytus – the good giant in Preternia, vintage figure only released in Europe
  • L. Turbodactyl and He-Ro – I’m confident on the Turbodactyl, the winged reptile with jet wings.  Who’s driving the turbo boosted pterodactyl?  I believe it’s He-Ro, King Grayskull’s son
  • M. Eldor – mentor to He-Ro
  • N. Moss Man – deluxe flocked exclusive coming to Wal-Mart
  • O. King Grayskull – bonus figure for early backers of Eternia playset
  • P. Bionatops – good horned dinosaur of Preternia
  • Q. Teela? – although I’m not sure, I believe this is Teela in Preternia

Full size images here:

Full size images here:

That completes the breakdown on the front artwork, with a lot of this likely in the works MOTU fans have even more to be excited about in the future of the Origins line.  What about the back of the packaging?  While not as loaded with hints as the front, I will give you a quick rundown on what I noticed on it.  Laser Light Skeletor and Laser Power He-Man both make appearances.  These were only released in Italy and Spain at the end of the original Masters of the Universe line.  Both of these have a very high chance of making appearances in Origins.  There’s a few snake men in the back artwork I do not recognize.  One is possibly Baddrah, the purple half of Two-Bad.  It would be really cool to get some new snake men characters into Origins.  That is all for this in-depth look, keep your fingers crossed and your bank accounts on standby!