First Look: Super7 Teases New Thundercats… But Who?

November 30, 2022

They’ve already done Monkian. It’s obviously an Ultimate Figure. They’ve done Grune the Destroyer. A vintage figure re-design? A character from the 2011 Animated Series? 2020’s ThunderCats Roar? If you have a guess, leave it in the comments.

One thought on “First Look: Super7 Teases New Thundercats… But Who?”
  1. I think one is possibly another Berserker – Top Spinner. Hammerhand has already been announced so another would make sense, even though the mace weapon is quite a bit different. The other two weapons I can’t put with a specific character. I had thought maybe we would see Nayda, since Willa was last wave, but beyond a bow/arrow I don’t know what weapon it would be. Wilykit/Wilykat are two more that seem likely at some point but I don’t think any of these weapons belong to them. Maybe a character never released as an action figure is on the way? More repaints? Guess we find out tomorrow.

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