The Dilophosaur was made famous in the original Jurassic Park… but other than the nasal adornment, the movie popularized a mostly inaccurate depiction of the animal.

Here is the first look at Cyberzoic sculpt of the Dilophosaurus wetherilli. This is a scientifically accurate recreation of the dinosaur, based on current fossil evidence and reconstructions. What that means is: no stupid frill, or venom spitting. This sculpt shows off the larger crest, and the proto-feathers of the animal. It also demonstrates the actual size of the animal. It was the largest know predator of the early Jurassic, so it would not have fit into a jeep, it would have been the size of one.

Based on the digital sculpt and the color scheme, I couldn’t be more excited to add a scientifically accurate Dilophosaurus to my collection. More updates as we get them. Stay tuned.

By tgreco