Tammy Two Invades New Parks n Rec ReAction Wave


December 7, 2022

Super7 returns to Pawnee for a second wave of the crew at the Parks n Rec. department.  Who made the cut?  Grab some bacon and eggs and let’s take a look at wave two.

Jerry Gergich

Super7 Preorder – 20.00

Being overlooked by the rest of the Parks and Recreation Department staff doesn’t dampen Garry Gergich’s warm and kind disposition. This 3.75” scale Parks and Recreation ReAction Figure of Jerry Gergich features him in his unassuming flannel shirt, khaki pants and sweater vest, and includes a painting on easel accessory. A stalwart worker and devoted family man, Larry may not be appreciated by his co-workers, but like his wife, you appreciate him for his substantial hidden talents and attributes, which is why you won’t hesitate to add the Parks and Recreation ReAction Figures of Jerry Gergich to your collection!

Andy Dwyer (Mouserat)

Super7 Preorder – 20.00

Andy Dwyer is determined to become a famous musician, and as front-man for Mouse Rat, he’ll play any Battle of the Bands or tribute concert Pawnee has to offer! This 3.75” scale Parks and Recreation ReAction Figure of Andy Dwyer features him as the lead singer and guitar player for Mouse Rat and comes with a guitar accessory. True Parks and Recreation fans will want to add this Andy Dwyer ReAction Figure to their collection so that they can brag about knowing him before he became the famous kids’ TV performer Johnny Karate!

Nurse Ann Perkins

Super7 Preorder – 20.00

She didn’t grow up in Pawnee, which might explain why Ann Perkins is probably the sanest person in town! This 3.75” scale Parks and Recreation ReAction Figure of Ann Perkins features Leslie Knope’s best friend in her nurse’s scrubs and comes with a clipboard accessory. Not adding the Parks and Recreation ReAction Figure of Ann Perkins to your collection would be like missing Galentine’s Day- unthinkable!

Ron and Tammy 2 Wedding Night 2-Pack

Super7 Preorder – 40.00

Ron Swanson is virtually powerless to resist Tammy 2, the succubus who drains the self-respect, inhibition, and common sense from the normally reserved Pawnee Department of Parks and Recreation Director! Introducing Super7’s ode to this chaotic coupling: the Wedding Night Ron Swanson and Tammy 2 ReAction Figures 2-pack! Their reign of hedonistic debauchery is perfectly encapsulated in their choices of post-nuptial attire as featured in this ReAction 2-pack, which comes packaged in a box depicting the holding cells they ended up in that special night. It’s the trainwreck of a relationship you can’t look away from and you’ll be equally powerless to resist adding the Parks and Recreation ReAction 2-pack of Wedding Night Ron Swanson and Tammy 2 to your collection!