First Look: Fulcum Abominus Megafig from DC Multiverse

ByBass Mendoza

December 12, 2022

First seen at the NYCC McFarlane Toys party, today we get our official reveal of the Fulcum Abominus megafig, most commonly known as the Justice League Megazord from the Dark Nights: Metal #1 issue.

Non-comic reading collectors may think that this is a Power Rangers-inspired robot commanded by the Justice League, but this is in fact a giant robot gladiator created under coercion by Hiro Omakura (the current Toyman) to fight against the League, specifically designed to exploit each member weakness!

With Todd’s love for cool robot things, this is a totally understandable addition to the line, even if it didn’t get much spotlight in the comic, and a great way to start 2023 with its first Megafig.

Stay tuned to the site to find out when this is going live for pre-order!