Mattel Creations Exclusive Space Sumo Available 12/14


December 12, 2022

Mattel wasn’t finished with Masters of the Universe Origins exclusives when they released Camo Khan on December 2nd.  Coming this Wednesday, December 14 at 9 AM PST the final 2022 exclusive will be released via Mattel Creations:  Space Sumo.  This will be the first single carded release of Space Sumo who is new to the Masterverse.  Space Sumo is another character who joined the Masterverse from The Rulers of the Sun.  There will be a limit of three per customer and each will be 18.00.  Here’s what Mattel has to say about Space Sumo:

Space Sumo joins our MOTU Origins line! When Akira Tanaka was chosen to be the Space Sumo, he inherited the combined mastery, wisdom, and fight of all the greatest warriors in history. With his telekinesis powers, Space Sumo can control anything with his willpower. He is Sun-Man’s greatest ally and is ready to fight for fairness and equality throughout the universe! 

  • Masters of the Universe Origins Space Sumo™ Collector Figure
  • Stands 5.5 inches tall 
  • 16 working joints for epic poses and displays
  • Comes with a sword, mask, and chest harness
  • Includes a mini MOTU comic book
  • Retro-style packaging

Click here to order yours on Wednesday, we’ll see you in line!