It’s that time of the year again, and regardless of how much each of you enjoys it -this guy right here is a proper Grinch- we can all agree on one thing that makes it worth it… it’s an EXTRA excuse to receive figures as presents! (or become a self-serving Santa and just get them for yourself).

Since this is the first PAF Christmas, we wanted to do something different to celebrate it with our dear readers, thus, we present you with our very own 12 7 Days of Christmas articles: a compilation of reviews, memories, new additions to the PAF Vault, contests and more, all related to the coolest (and jolliest) collectibles of the season.

We are kicking things off with a look at the Super7 Santa Optimus ReAction figure.  This holiday release has the standard five points of articulation and is a repaint of the previous release of Optimus, this time in a dark metallic green and red.  Optimus famous blaster has received a new paint job as well, now with candy cane stripes.  Like most ReAction figures, Santa Optimus comes in very collectible packaging.  While I do open my action figures, many of the ReAction line look great in package and Prime Claus is no exception.

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Staying in the 1980’s we’ll depart Cybertron now and head to Eternia, where Holiday He-Man awaits our arrival.  This action figure was released by Super7 in their Club Grayskull line.  This line consisted of the various faces of Eternia styled like the original 80’s cartoon.  In 2018, Super7 decided release a limited edition run of He-Man as seen in the He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special first aired in December 1985.  Holiday He-Man had very special packaging as well.  This figure had a slip cover and came wrapped in specially created Masters of the Universe wrapping paper that took you right back to the 80s.  This specially gift-wrapped figure (with an Orko Snowman gift tag) was then placed in a brown mailer box.  Because of the wrapping paper on this figure, many collectors have never opened theirs (or ordered two).

Holiday He-Man is a re-release of the regular Club Grayskull He-Man with a new head sculpt containing a Santa hat and his only accessory being his candy-cane sword.  He was available for $35.00 on Super7’s web store with a limit of two per customer in November 2018.  These were in-stock and collectors received theirs before Christmas.  As mentioned earlier, this release was based on the 1985 Christmas Special where Orko accidentally ends up on Earth during the holiday.  When he returns to Eternia, he accidentally (again) brings two children with him and then…ok, spoilers.  Here’s the full He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special




And not to be left out, here is our second entry into our new Christmas Vault.  This is our first “themed” Vault and we are excited to be launching it along with others in the future!

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Christmas is not only for receiving!  With that in mind, we end Day One with the first contest of this event.  Our first contest prizes are McFarlane DC Multiverse Gold Label Parallax and Shazam in brand-new EvoRetro protective cases!  Yes, the winner will receive a little green and red to their collection for the holidays.  These two Wal-Mart exclusives have eluded many collectors and now is your chance to win them both in one shot.

To enter this contest there are a few easy steps.  First, visit our Facebook page.  Once there, if you don’t already, give it a like/follow.  There will be a post at the top of the page to enter.  Locate this post and your final step to be entered is to tag one friend on Facebook who is a collector.  IF that person does like/follow the page you will receive a bonus entry.  You may tag as many as you like and the maximum bonus entries possible are two.  For example, if you tag 10 people and only one likes/follows, you receive one bonus entry.  Another example, if you tag eight people and seven like/follow, you receive two bonus entries.  Bonus entries are in addition to the one you receive just for tagging at least one person meaning you can earn up to three entries for this contest maximum.

The winner will be chosen on Christmas Eve, good luck to everyone who enters!  Be sure to come back again tomorrow as The Seven Days of Christmas continues along!

By Travis

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